Neighbourhood Policing Team

NPT stands for Neighbourhood Policing Team. This team will comprise of all response officers when they leave the Police College. The NPT will be run by One Inspector, and three Sergeants. These two people will make sure that the team are offered training, development, and of course the ability to gain experience from PoliceMP.

Current requirements before you can join any division is One (1) week, this was to make sure you had enough time to digest exactly what you had learned from your training, this requirement is not changing. However if you stay with the NPT for 2 weeks, you will be eligible to receive additional training via your Sergeant and Inspector, current plans include both IPP level driving and TSG/Public Order training.

IPP training will include learning the basics of pursuit driving, how to use the radio, what to transmit, and of course what to do if a vehicle fails to stop for you when you try to pull it over. This training will NOT include making tactical contact with the vehicle.

TSG/Public Order training will include training in how to conduct a raid, room clearing, how to search for items, and of course how to deal with dangerous situations that are considered public order situations, such as mass crowds and how to manage aggressive and annoyed people.

Meet our team

Dan Martin
Dan Martin - (RS2)
Dust - (RS3)
nocab - (RS4)