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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!

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  2. Hewit is a nice and polite person he is also good at his roles in game and knows what he is doing
  3. Hewitt would be a fantastic moderator, he listens to everyone and helps out to the best of his ability. He helped me personally with a lost person call in-game as I needed to get across a patch of water safely.
  4. Hewitt would make an excellent moderator, as he kindly walked me through my first day on the server. Plus every time I have been back on the PoliceMP server, he has always been a welcoming member of the team. For me, this is a good thing as recently I've asked Hewitt, to help me gain further training in getting protonated to PC.
  5. I would recommend Hewitt as he is a very helpful and easily approachable for help. Hewitt is a very nice person who helped me out when I first joined PoliceMP. Hewitt would be as very good moderator and I would very much recommend him!
  6. I believe Hewitt will would be a great asset to the mod team as whenever he is online he is very helpful and willing to give help to those that haven't long been on the server and need the help he is also very clear and good with his communication over the radio
  7. I would suggest Hewitt as he is a very helpful and easily approachable for help. This is coming from my experience with Hewitt as he was a very nice person who helped me out in my early days of PoliceMP. Hewitt would be a huge asset and would very much recommend him!
  8. Cushion is willing to help anyone and give them a chance to improve under his guidance. He's very mature and always looking at ways people can improve.
  9. Hewitt was one of the first guys to get me situated on this server. Never had any issues and always there to help with calls. I support his application.
  10. I think hewitt would be a amazing mod as he is always happy to help and a nice guy
  11. Hewitt has came a long way since coming on the server progressing through many roles and takes time to show cadets the ropes and aspiring PC's on ride alongs as RPU and Dog Section
  12. He would make a great moderate due to his grate work for the server and is kind
  13. Area of Suggestion: Game Server Development Suggestion Content: I have seen this used on servers before and I believe it may be nice to add to the atmosphere of the server. When you join the server your able to do I.e /setname and change your ingame name to for instance Joe Bloggs... Or add the ability to create a character that you will use when your in the server. Its a small bug bare of mine seeing xX_Peacekeeper_Xx as a username (I know im just as bad) But I cant CBA to change my steam name for each server.
  14. Support Tips for Issues and Errors experienced with new server Seemingly common problems: Crashing on joining or whilst playing (please report this on Discord #Support channel and supply your crash code and what you were doing when it crashed) Please also send your FiveM log where possible to help developers find the fault quicker. You should be able to find it: C:\Users\{Name}\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app\logs Known differences that might confuse people: In game playtime tracker starts from the first time you join the server does not reflect the administration playtime manager we have on our system so your playtime may show 0 minutes from when you first join, don't worry this doesn't reflect the playtime log we have for you You now have to be closer to vehicles to unlock them instead of being able to do it from long distance Known problems that are less common: Upon loading in, stuck in infinite loop falling under map or spawning into random areas (please report this on Discord #support with screenshots and any relevant info) Known bugs: When a pursuit starts, the info box that pops up displays pursuit info but formatting is wrong There's a lack of arm on one of the AFO undercover uniforms Unable to join the server from my favorites list / quick join on FiveM: Connect using console. Press F8 once in FiveM then type connect policemp.com If issue persists, seek support in Discord support channel Please report any bugs or issues you find on the Discord #support channel where they can be logged for developers to look into. Where possible, please include information about what you were doing at the time of problem and any error codes or crash codes either in console or upon crash where applicable. Thank you for your patience.
  15. I think Hewitt will make an asset to the moderator team, always helpful, friendly and patient
  16. Last week
  17. Callum is a well mannered, sensible lad with lots of active time in game. He would be a great addition to the moderator team. +support
  18. Cushion is always willing to help, he always has time for new cadets and is always active. He is also very mature
  19. Forbesse would make a great moderator as he is very helpful to the community
  20. Callum would be a good addition to the team. He is very helpful and friendly to new players and everyone.
  21. Great guy really supportive helpful really ready he will literally do anything he’s a great guy literally so understanding such a nice guy to talk to and yeah he deserve this Role more than anyone in the server my opinion only because I’ve been in the server for a couple of days so I can’t really judge but he is the person who I first met on the server and he is a very good person and he is very nice.Much love mango
  22. Cushion would make a great moderator as he is very active and loves to help out new players
  23. Kyle would make a great moderator as he is very kind and patient with new players!
  24. Forbesse would make a fantastic addition to the senior leadership team, he'll be able to support the wider community in their day to day roles. It's no secret that Forbesse is willing to set his time aside in order to help design other areas (including V2) in order for us all to have a much better experience within PoliceMP.
  25. Hewitt would make a excellent addition to the mod team. Very friendly and always willing to help.
  26. I believe that Kyle would make a good moderator given his close proximity from cadet to current role. He has first hand experience that could be brought to the senior team where he's able to help improve the initial experience of the cadet and keep people within the community for a longer period of time. He'll also be able to work closely with the wider members to support in their day to day roles.
  27. Callum is a good lad, keeps lots of cadets right. Always active and he is always fair and would make a good mod
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