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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!
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  1. At the time no due to it being LSPDFR and civ roleplay only works to an extent. For the time being it will be higher ups that have this authority due to VMenu Acess and to ensure its done properly and doesnt get out of hand. In future there may be an oppurunity for this but this isnt a focus as of this time due to being an AI vs Cops server. The use of met control will be added in the coming months and this will be in place before civ roleplay is added in by gold command. M.Swain
  2. Area of Suggestion: Game Server Development Suggestion Content: To add server sided maps in where it is split into london boroughs and all the road names. This will help navigate around the city especially given that track player can be quite faulty. This also makes it much more easier for new recruits to the game. Would be great to see this added!
  3. What platform did you experience the issue? FiveM Server Date & Time 02/24/2021 Please describe the issue ANPR plates keep giving the wrong information and the markers are all over the place. When people are behind it will give an FTS marker for example and when RPU are called there no markers and the vehicle pulls over. This is increasingly hard to perform traffic stops when markers are one minue on ANPR and the next gone. Multiple people have brough this to my conclusion. Testing Conducted Happens every day and i believe people are aware but im unsure if a bug report has been made and i feel this needs looking at urgently. Replication Steps Go behind a vehicle with an ANPR hit, refresh your anpr and more often than not the marker will then disapperar its specifially happens with different clients.
  4. Area of Suggestion: Game Server Development Suggestion Content: To add to the Police computer ystem we have in game an option where someone has to write up a small sentence of the outcome of what happened in that scene before it can be left or closed down. Its know as final CAD and would add an extra element of roleplay and would also stop people joining tasing the people and leaving the callouts that happen.
  5. Area of Suggestion: Game Server Development Suggestion Content: Let us have access to do emotes so we can increase roleplay. /emote is great for when recording and on scene with civillians. I think this needs adding
  6. Area of Suggestion: Unit Suggestion Suggestion Content: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/replace-mercedes-sprinter-police-speedvan For the SET division for RPU
  7. You often need to relaunch FiveM. For any further live support head to our discord support channel!
  8. Who should you contact? When contacting us, please try and consider chain of command. Everyone seems to come to the highest ranks first and more often than not it’s a job for our team not for us. For training related enquiries, speak to @WINMACE @TomH @Matt_Swain For RPU speak to @Matt_swain For AFO speak to @OBr1nK For CID speak to @Cal For People Services and Quality and Assurance speak to @Jayo For complaints speak to @TomH - to make a complaint visit "report an officer" on the forums For moderator enquiries, contact @TomH but to complain about the conduct of a staff member, please make a complaint on the forums where possible. If you’re not sure who to contact, speak to the current head of People Services @Jayo who will be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks! PoliceMP Staff
  9. Getting Started With Controls In PoliceMP Controls: Q = ELS on/off Alt = Sirens when ELS is enabled R = Change Sirens E = (Near Ped) Interactions E = (Aiming at Ped) Stop Them SHIFT = VEHICLE STOP M = Vehicle Menu F1 = Police Toolbox Vintage Pistol = Speedgun Y = Toggle UI for detections C = Take reading Vehicle Gamepad Controls: DPad-Up: Toggle Auxiliary Tone 1 DPad-Down: Toggle Big Radar DPad-Left: Toggle Light Stages DPad-Right: Toggle Takedown Lights L3 (Press): Main Siren Back: Open Vehicle Menu X/A: Toggle Dashcam Circle/B: Wail Tone For Radio Comms Please Click Here INFO: Ped clothes menu is in the back of the station Vehicle shop is outside Weapons are attainable by doing /loadout in the text chat For More Information When Ingame Please Do /help
  10. What is your Discord name? Matt_swain#1621 How long have you been part of the community for? 8 days What do you feel you could offer to the team? My 3 main attributes which I feel I can bring to the Moderator Role At PoliceMPr are confidence, good communication and having good analytical skills. I feel that my good leadership skills will be vital in this type of role because I can implement values from me being a student constable and be on hand to assist members when called upon. Being eager to learn is another skill I feel I have which is great for this job as there are always areas to be working on and improving in order to gain experience for future tasks that may be set for myself by higher ups within the server. Being reliable again is a great attribute as it shows that you are taking the role seriously and can lead to longevity within this server which is my aim. Overall i feel that i could offer all of this and much more and whenever asked to do so i will always give my best to the server and to the members. PoliceMP requires staff to follow a strict list of guidelines for staff, do you feel you could do this? Yes Definetely In detail, describe your personality to us. Tell us about yourself! My name is Matt and I have a strong passion for policing and always have done from a young age.I feel that I am a very confident and outgoing male who is eager to learn and always reliable during a job which I feel is essential to be able to last and become a success within this type of roleplay role in which I’m applying for. I’m always open for people to talk to me and I have lots of past experience within server management and British Police in which I can bring all my skills from to this particular job. My 3 main strengths which I feel I can bring to the role im applying for are: good communication, good Discord Management skills and clear leadership. All of these match or link in with the job application cireteria. Other strengths I feel that I hold especially within policing are being a good team member and a strong motivator. I feel that these can shine through when in the role I’m applying for and really enable me to excel and kick on in order to make myself a better person and here at PoliceMP. Lastly, I would say that I am great at adapting and being put in different environments would benefit me and definitely not show that I am out of my depth as it may in other people.
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