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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!
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  1. For those of you that don't know me: hi! My name is Fish. I'm leading the development of the "new PoliceMP". Let me thank each and every one of you for your continued support for this server. Without you, this server wouldn't be what it is. So thank you. In this blog post, I'm going to cover some of the common themes and questions we see being asked. What the heck have you guys been doing?! Over the past few months, we've become fully committed to the rewrite we attempted back in February. It's going very well so far. We have some pretty cool behind-the-scenes implementations like client-side Dependency Injection (almost impossible in FiveM), improved network communications to keep the codebase clean, and a React frontend. I would also like to emphasise that this mod was founded by two university students. Both of which are now in full-time employment. I myself am also in full-time employment, as is most (if not all) of the development team. We slot in development of the server where we can, and unfortunately don't have the time we once did to commit to the development of the server. Please be patient. I promise it will pay off. Polishing We've been hard at work polishing the existing assets that are in the server. For example: a lot of the visual bugs in the station have been squashed! Polishing is something I'm very keen to focus on moving forward. We should only be releasing things when they're ready! What this does mean, unfortunately, is that some of the existing vehicles & assets may end up disappearing. Vehicles aren't as simple as dropping them in, and having them work. They take a lot of man power to get working, and keep working! The more vehicles we have, the less polish we have. **Note**: This does not include vehicles that you've paid for. Garage fixes The garage is on our hit list. We have plans to remove the existing garage and reimplement it in the new system. Interactions The Ped interactions has been on our direct sights during the entire rewrite. We have a very similar system to Red Dead Redemption 2 interactions partly implemented. This will be the first thing you see in the new server. Holding LT while unarmed no longer puts you into the "fighting" state, and you can no longer punch people. Instead, the camera will focus on the Ped infront of you, and give various options relating to that ped. Holding LT, and pressing RT will bring out your taser. We're hoping this will make the player to Ped interactions feel more natural. Why aren't you fixing the existing server?! We're currently in a state of migration. The new server lives in a different place, with an entirely different structure. If we were to fix the existing bugs, not only would we be taking development time off the "new PoliceMP". We would also have to apply the change in two places, which causes more issues than it's worth. It's better to do it once, and do it well. It does mean that the existing server is festering away a little, and I can only apologise for that. Future development (subject to change) We're hoping, now that the core of the new system is mostly implemented, that future development will ramp up (as we can start to spend more time working on things you can see). Here are a few examples of things to come. This list is subject to change: Dispatch We hear you! We really do! Right now, however, our focus is on the "new PoliceMP". We WILL be doing a dispatch system. Just not yet! There are a few options with this that we'll be exploring over the coming months. Stay tuned! Drop-off system You spoke, we listened. We're going to be removing the prisoner transport system in favour of a drop-off system. In order to book a ped in, you must take them to the nearest police station using a suitable vehicle. If you don't have a suitable vehicle. You'll need to call your fellow player to pick up your ped! We're hoping this will enhance player to player interaction. Stateful drop-off system After a Ped is dropped off at the station, there will be an opportunity for a player to transport that prisoner to the main police station. More desk jobs Desk work is a thing in real police work. So we'll be looking at adding more desk work to the server. A good example of this ties directly with the stateful drop-off system. Someone needs to book 'em! Vehicle Stopping We're planning on being a little bit smarter with the vehicle stops. Allowing vehicles to understand when you're stopping them, rather than specifically selecting a vehicle to stop. We have an implemented system in place from the research work in February we'll be looking to bring into the new server. In terms of pullover location detection: we have plans to look further down the road, and find more suitable spots. This isn't currently possible, and will be bundled up with the road closures work below (as they both use the exact same techniques). Using these techniques we could add constraints such as "vehicle cannot stop on a highway, find the nearest intersection". AI Improvements We all hate when the AI runs us over, or acts unpredictably to our sirens, or sit behind our police cars like fools. Going to be looking at improving these issues. Road Closures You heard it right! During our development back in February, we managed to find a way to close roads! This isn't a simple task however, and likely wont be implemented for a while to come, but it's very possible. This is quite a complex task though. We believe the road network in GTA is a variant of A* with line-of-sight checks (or at least node look-ahead). So it's not as simple as disabling a single part of a road. Here's a sneak peak of a partially closed highway: Thanks again for the commitment to the server. Hope to see you all with flashing blues! Fish
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