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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!
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  1. Support Tips for Issues and Errors experienced with new server Seemingly common problems: Crashing on joining or whilst playing (please report this on Discord #Support channel and supply your crash code and what you were doing when it crashed) Please also send your FiveM log where possible to help developers find the fault quicker. You should be able to find it: C:\Users\{Name}\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app\logs Known differences that might confuse people: In game playtime tracker starts from the first time you join the server does not reflect the administration playtime manager we have on our system so your playtime may show 0 minutes from when you first join, don't worry this doesn't reflect the playtime log we have for you You now have to be closer to vehicles to unlock them instead of being able to do it from long distance Known problems that are less common: Upon loading in, stuck in infinite loop falling under map or spawning into random areas (please report this on Discord #support with screenshots and any relevant info) Known bugs: When a pursuit starts, the info box that pops up displays pursuit info but formatting is wrong There's a lack of arm on one of the AFO undercover uniforms Unable to join the server from my favorites list / quick join on FiveM: Connect using console. Press F8 once in FiveM then type connect policemp.com If issue persists, seek support in Discord support channel Please report any bugs or issues you find on the Discord #support channel where they can be logged for developers to look into. Where possible, please include information about what you were doing at the time of problem and any error codes or crash codes either in console or upon crash where applicable. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Accepted We're happy to welcome you to the team. Please send me a Direct Message when you are free and we'll go through your moderator training. Thank you for your application.
  3. Denied At this time, we've chosen to deny your application. If you'd like more information on the reasoning behind this then please contact a member of Senior Adminstration. Thank you for your application and we hope to see you apply again in the future
  4. Moderator Application Requirements You must: Have at least 2 days (48 hours) total active playtime on the server (ask any staff member if you are unsure on this) Have a full understanding of the rules and general British laws and procedures Be ranked at least Police Constable Have a relatively clean overall record and a completely clean warning and ban record within the past 30 days Be able to speak clear English and utilize a working and good quality microphone We recommend: Trying to get other players and moderators to leave their honest views on your application Being part of at least one division since we can also look into divisional records to get an idea of your capabilities Playing as you normally would on the server, don't put on an act because we are highly likely to see a difference in your behaviour if you've taken up acting Asking questions if you have any, it is best to be sure on something and not guessing! We highly recommend putting a lot of effort into making your Moderator application. It is quite likely we will not accept applications with very little effort.
  5. PoliceMP V2 Beta release: Additions: A brand new overhauled uniform system with brand new uniforms Brand new garage system with average 1 second loading time for all vehicles Added uniform spawn points across the map at all police stations Added vehicle spawn points at all police stations across map Added new Donator and Pro Donator garage Added new British Transport Police garage for the future update release Added several new vehicles into various garages inc. donator New notifications added Added new method for the garage if all garage spawn points are taken (will now spawn near station instead of just pausing until spawn point becomes available) New questions on questioning menu New discoverable items in vehicles Bug fixes: Fixed issue where textures could glitch out especially outside Mission Row police station Fixed some issues with vehicle names in-game including spelling errors and model name errors Control fixes Damage fixes Backup menu no longer shows when holding Shift and F2 (only opens when pressing F2 alone) Hazard lights button changed from Backspace to ] to avoid conflict with backing out of menus Change frequency button on radio changed to Dpad-Up/Up Arrow Pistol whip disabled Faults will no longer be generated for helicopters and planes (might’ve been why they were falling out of the sky before…) Upcoming plans: New callouts New callout handling to ensure callouts are not just arriving, look at the scene, leave callout With special thanks to @JB ,@Staff and @Fish for doing the brunt of this update and all command members for chipping in a bit of their time. You can test pre release builds of updates by signing up on the patreon here and becoming Donator Pro.
  6. Snow is used around Christmas time usually and was done for the Christmas just gone. We're looking to develop a seperate server in the future that incorporates the other suggestions you've made and is much more roleplay centric than this one. PoliceMP as it currently is will focus on the unique Police VS AI aspect. Keep an eye on MPGaming updates on our Discord to see about other roleplay servers in the future!
  7. Any vehicle donation is greatly accepted as a contribution towards the community. Once this vehicle is completed feel free to message me on Discord and we can discuss further there.
  8. elmo

    Suggestion - R.Gray

    Denied this has been suggested time and time again. Although wheel support would be cool, main developers have expressed distaste to enabling client side scripts.
  9. We've looked into this before and even spoken to Walshey about how it could be implemented and the short story is it doesn't work very well with what we've got on PoliceMP as far as we can tell. We are and have for a while been looking into some sort of method to move ELS and sirens serverside somehow to make light patterns flash properly and sirens sound right and not glitch out now and then for other clients. Although I'll decline this suggestion, rest assured it's something as a whole that we are looking into.
  10. Denied The officers on the server currently only carry a taser and baton as standard. We don't have spray enabled for any rank or role and to my knowledge don't intend to add it.
  11. Vehicle is already on the server as stated by @Donny Fenn and @jamstonedscones above. The vehicle has been used for operations a few times in the past but handles horrifically so it isn't used too much. I'll look into the handling lines on it to see if we can make it any better and end up using it for more future operations.
  12. This suggestion has already been done. moving to accepted
  13. This was last updated 7/1/2021 and is effective for R3 of our training system. Hello, We have created this information document for people who are looking to or have applied for Police Constable to explain the process. Stage One: The first stage of the application is the written (forum submission) stage. To apply for Police Constable, you need to click on "Apply for PC" on this area of the forums and fill in the form. Make sure you are detailed and ensure you are thinking about your answers before submitting. Those who lack effort or demonstrate potential danger in their applications can and will get denied, our Senior Training team and management reserve the right to decline applications that do not meet the bill. Our usual (aimed) response time is between 24 and 48 hours for a trainer to get back to you. We usually say minimum 3 days before you are fully completed on the process & able to play on our server as a Police Constable. If it has been more than 3 days before you get an initial message on Discord from one of our training team, please post in the Discord support channel and we will happily assist you. Please note: periods such as Christmas and New Year along with periods when we have a lot of intake are likely to increase waiting periods for applications. Our trainers will get back to you if your application has been denied. Unless specified otherwise by a member of our Senior Training team we have no issue with you reapplying at any time though we recommend you discuss the reasoning for your denial with your trainer before reapplying to avoid having the same issues in the future. Stage two: A member of our fantastic college team will train you in the essentials for the server. This will mean you should be given the skills to go through as a Police Constable. We will do our very best to help you during the session too. If you are confused or concerned about anything, please be sure to ask your assigned trainer. They will be more than happy to help with any enquiry you have. You will organise this session with your trainer through Discord direct messages if you are accepted on your first stage. This is why it is so important to give an accurate Discord name! Stage three: This is where we test what you have learnt throughout your training. Don't stress about this stage, we just need to be sure that you've listened to what the trainer has told you throughout the training process. If you're unsure, it is best to be honest. Please try and pay attention to what you are taught in Stage Two. The information you learn there will be enough for you to pass stage three. If you do not pass this stage, you will be asked to retake it. This is usually at a later date. We tend to book stage threes a day or more later than your training to give you time to practice and learn. If you pass Stage Three: If you do, congratulations! The next step is getting your PC role. Your trainer will post a message in one of our college discord channels and a member of the team will assign your role onto the forums, which will sync with the Discord and the server! I've been given my rank, but it isn't showing up! Wtf!? Don't panic! Make sure your Steam and Discord are both open. If they are, restart both of them and your FiveM then try again. If that doesn't work, contact your trainer or post a message in our Discord's support channel and a member of the team will do their best to help you swiftly. We rarely have issues with rank sync but they do happen. Giving feedback about a trainer At the end of the final session (the test) you should be given a survey to fill in via Google Forms. Please fill this in as it gives us an idea of how our trainers are performing. If the trainer doesn't send the link to you, ask them for it as it may have slipped their mind. If you're unable to ask, contact a member of College Staff to ask them. Questions after your training At the end of your training, your assigned trainer isn't yours. You can, however, ask any of our helpful College Staff team any questions or use the #support channel on Discord so we're able to help you. I don't think I know enough about something If you feel you need training after your PC training, you can ask our College Staff team to be given additional training. We've trained them all to be able to help you in any way you need, or give you the right direction to go if we're not personally able to offer you the help (e.g for other divisions). Don't be afraid to admit your flaws, no one is perfect and we'd rather work with you to improve rather than deal with any complaints about you in the future! Don't keep begging on Discord If you've not heard from our trainers within 3 days of submitting your application, post a message in #support on Discord. Our team are always here and happy to help. Please do not direct message people or spam our Discord as this could work negatively against you.
  14. v1.4 - 19/12/20 Fixed: - Fixed 'assistant commissioner' tag showing as 'CMDR', now shows 'ACC'. - Fixed spacing and colour errors in some other role tags in chat - Fixed discord bot sometimes taking hours to give ranks without manual resync Added: - Slight branding on ANPR UI's plate (needs to be made black, I know!!)
  15. 17/12/20 Added: New discord widget with perm invite to discord, how magical! Amended and Fixed: Rules have had small updates and errors amended, rules page also has had spacing issues fixed Completed a bunch of background sync tasks on the backend
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