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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!

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  1. Good afternoon, It is no secret that the impact of the loosening of Covid-19 laws and regulations in the United Kingdom has meant we've been running on skeleton staff for quite a while. We'd planned for this, but didn't forecast that the impact would be as great as it has been. To cover my absence, @Virkiehas been recruited. Lewis has now returned too, Ben is still quite busy with his job commitments outside of the server but will hopefully be back with us soon. Although I'm still officially on leave, I've been working closely with Virkie and Lewis to determine the best emergency plans for us to go to when we're running very low on staffing levels for a prolonged period (3 days or more). Below explains this: We're currently on Stage 1, many team members are working as much as they can currently and are keeping the ship afloat, however, it isn't a time to be complacant and we're not too far off switching to Stage 2. This is something we'd rather avoid. Because of us having a week or more of very low staffing levels, we're appriciative that you may have been waiting longer for applications to be processed and we can only apologise for the delays. We've now recruited more team members across the board to try and fill in the gaps and ensure applications and complaints are sorted through as soon as possible. Currently, the waiting periods stand at: Complaints and suspensions: 2-5 days Development: 1-3 weeks PC applications: 2-4 days (1-2 is the standard) All other applications where applicable: 3-7 days We're working in order of priority. Working to lower the overflow of existing applications and complaints is our main priority for the next couple of weeks. We're hoping to balance out and be returning to usual as soon as we can. I would like to give my personal thanks to the efforts of our team and the dedication of our players. We run the server to give you something to be entertained by and have fun, we don't earn money from it and in fact have lost over 110% of what we earn in donations over the last month. The generosity of the community is what keeps us alive, and players enjoying themselves is what keeps us happy. I will give my promise that despite a lack of action in the past 2 weeks, we're still very much here and caring about it. We meet regularly, and in the spare time I get I still try to do what I can to run the community. Special thanks to @rubysownfor helping with hotfixes while other developers are busy.
  2. Hello It has been a stressful few weeks for us here. We've had to fix a huge amount of things following the problems we'd experienced with prior server hosts. This set us back a couple of weeks and was less than ideal for our scope and plans for this community. At the same time, members of our team were returning to work and having to deal with a lot more commitments outside of the community, something I am sure we can all welcome following 4 months of being locked away like caged animals here in the United Kingdom. @L.Sippittshas been forced to take leave due to circumstances beyond his control, we wish him well in getting better and we look forward to having him back. @Ben Aldridge has been having a lot more work commitments since the easing of lockdown and the reopening of his workplace. This leaves me, the founders and my advisors. I have advisors both inside the community and outside the community, these advisors review most of the things we work on before they get released to command or to the general playerbase. This could be finding grammatical errors, problems with the way things were set up, offering advice on better and more efficient ways to do things or just telling us its a terrible idea. I need to go highly inactive for around a week, in my absence, @Virkiewill be taking the hot seat and should be your point of contact. He can contact me if it is something he cannot deal with himself, but I would ask respectfully that you refrain from messaging me for this period and message him until further notice is issued. Virkie is one of our advisors, and throughout the problems we've experienced he's held with us and not swayed into inactivity at all. This leads us to believe he's suited for the role, he is fantastic at his job as an advisor and I'm fairly certain his activity will benefit you all at this time. I look forward to being back and working soon, in the meantime please welcome (nicely) your new Acting Commissioner.
  3. Accepted Please contact me on Discord to discuss your role.
  4. Denied Please contact me on Discord for reasoning behind this decision.
  5. Denied Please contact me on Discord for full reasoning behind this decision.
  6. Accepted Please contact me on Discord to discuss your role.
  7. Previously, we have worked to have professional standards seperate from the community itself, this was to ensure an unclouded opinion on matters investigated. However, this has proven difficult, as these people recruited have other priorities and as a result do not have the time to dedicate to their time to PoliceMP. Over the coming days, we will work to relaunch our complaint system. The complaint system will now merge complaints against players and staff rather than dealing with them seperately. It is highly likely that we will outsource somebody with a lot of experience and background for this role who hasn't built up strong relationships with members of the community & that is unlikely to have any bias towards or against members. The system will consist of three divisions under the "Professional Standards" lead: Internal Affairs (dealing with conduct related complaints against serving officers ranked Police Constable or higher) Independent Reviews Team (these are people recruited from within the community who look over complaints, how they were dealt with and the recommended outcome and ultimately have the decision on outcome*) Server administration manager (dealing with complaints against Moderators and occasionally higher ranks) * Outcome decision will be based off evidence, statements, investigation & conclusion and recommended outcome from complaint investigator, in most cases will be exactly what is recommended by investigators. Complaint procedure Our complaint procedure will remain much the same and handled on the forums. Once a complaint is submitted, a member of Gold Command or the Head of Professional Standards will assign the complaint to an investigator. Investigation will commence, in most cases complaints will require evidence unless the third party admits to alleged faults. Statements will be requested from complaint creator and complainant where required. At the end of the investigation, the complaint will be passed onto our team of independent officers who will look into the complaint, how it was handled, and make a decision on whether the investigator has suggested appropriate action or whether a lesser or harsher action is required. If a complaint you've made, or a complaint against you, has been dealt with wrongly in your opinion then you can dispute your punishment within 7 days of it being issued. In some cases, you can dispute historic cases (or any cases beyond the 7 day period) but this would require evidence to back up any claims you make about allegations being false, or that your complaint was unfairly dealt with. More information on disputes can be found on upcoming documents to be released on the new system launch. Please remember, our complaint teams are heavily trained to ensure that punishments are only issued where absolutely required & won't act without sufficient evidence or admission of guilt where possible. Think you've got what it takes to independently verify the complaints? If you would consider yourself non-bias, hard working & interested in dealing with administrative aspects of the community then this role could be for you. To register your interest, please DM me on Discord. Please consider that this role may at times be work heavy & heavy training is given to you before you are considered for the role. The minimum requirement for this role is that you must be ranked Police Constable.
  8. We've listened, and added your suggestions to a poll. Please vote on this poll for the servers you'd like to see us set up. Thanks to @Virkiefor funding a new server for us, donations will help us more than ever now so please consider donating. Click here to vote
  9. I doubt that will be needed, we're looking to run whatever we expand ourselves and so far Minecraft seems a popular choice. We're also not just limited to one server, we could, for example, be running a minecraft server and DayZ server along with our FiveM server. Thanks for the offer though, we'll get back to you if that does become needed at any point
  10. Fair enough, maybe in the future. The server costs money to run as it is run on a seperate box to the rest of the community, it also gives donators an additional perk. For us to run another FS server, we would need to pay a lot more money (hundreds over a year) and would require hours of setup, not to mention the need to buy another copy of FS, as you can't run the server whilst being on the game. Tldr: it's a lot of money, probably not too worth it
  11. We already have a farming simulator server open exclusively to donators.
  12. I think you may want to suggest this for the FiveM server under suggestions, it's not really relevant for this thread.
  13. Good morning, We have worked hard to get the community to where it is today. Each member of the team, past and present, has been a great asset in bringing this community to where it is today. Months of work have gone into developing the server you play on today, the payment we get is that the players are happy and enjoy it. That's all we want! For those who don't know the history, this community simply started as a project for a few friends to play around with LSPDFR-style scripts and British police vehicles together. Initially, there was never any plans to progress the community to the point it is today. As the community has grown, so have the chances of expanding our community further. We have hardware capable of running plenty more than it does now, and we would love to open another game server for you to enjoy. Thinking about what you might enjoy, please reply to the thread with your suggestions on what we could run. After enough suggestions are in, we will add a poll for you to vote on. Once we add the poll, we will let you know in the Discord announcements channel. Even if you don't think many people will like your idea, please suggest it. We would love to offer a large list of games that we could run servers on for you to choose from in a poll. We should stress that this is very early in progress, and could be months before opening. This, however, is the first public stage of our expansion and we hope you'll find if as exciting as we do. Please don't waste your chance to suggest a game, even if it's been suggested already in some form. - Community Managers
  14. Please reply to this thread within a day with additional information as requested otherwise this thread will be closed.
  15. PoliceMP Public Release Statement June 2020 June has been a rocky month. This has been something we've come to expect. I've worked in many roleplay communities in management roles, I've got a lot of experience in managing these sorts of things. Since coming into my role as Commissioner here, I've had to make a lot of substantial changes in order to grow and improve the community. Admittedly, some of these decisions have been met with criticism and general distaste but, like with anything, it's very difficult to please everybody whilst keeping things as they should be. 95% of the decisions made in the community are discussed thoroughly with teams beforehand. On an average day, I can be in between 3 and 6 meetings to discuss changes we're making even if they are planned for a month or two down the line. We look at what people want and expect from us, how we can do it efficiently and how much time and resources it will take to do it. These three main factors are usually the backbone of all decisions we make. What may seem like an insignificant change to you may have taken several weeks of discussion and planning before being announced. For this reason, decisions and changes are currently taking a couple of weeks to get finalised in most cases. As a result, progress this month has been a little slower than we had planned. Add to this the urgent recruitment drive that was forced upon us in the middle of the month when two high-ranking members of the team departed the community. Our scope for the next month: PoliceMP Roadmap for the end of June and early July 2020 Thanks @Virkiefor creating that ^ This is not the only things we have planned for this period, but the only things we are willing to put estimated dates on at this time. Whilst we try to be transparent, due to how busy we all are working on the above things we will likely be delayed in working on other plans. As a reminder, please send questions you have to the relevent departments. For example: For RPU, contact @NFG_JAMIE For CID, contact @Ben Aldridge For AFO, contact @KylanH For People Services, or if you're not sure who to contact, contact @Ben Aldridge For MPU or NPAS contact @L.Sippitts For Professional Standards and Quality and Assurance contact @Tom To speak to an advisor of Gold Command, speak to @Virkieor @weesav(you can also contact them if you want to pass on a message to Gold Command) Gold Command
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