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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!
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  1. Submit your best screenshots! To introduce the newer and cleaner forum theme, we're asking you to submit your favourite screenshots. We'll choose a selection of them to be showcased on the forums in some areas and on future PoliceMP websites. Please only submit your own screenshots and not other peoples unless you have been given prior permission and give credit here. You can submit media that you've already posted in our Discord Media channel. You can reply to this thread with your favourite media!
  2. v2 - 24/10/20 - Theme feature update Added: New forum theme Ability to showcase screenshots, etc New anti-spam system New icons Fixed: Fixed frequent errors caused by old theme Fixed security flaws caused by old theme Fixed some colour issues with some discord/steam API imported profile pictures Fixed minor issues with applications page Fixed issues with AdminCP Fixed issues with ModCP Fixed issues with Giphy (I hope) Please report any issues you experience with this new forum theme as I've not had a huge amount of time to test each individual feature. If you come across any issues with the forums, please send me a message here on the forums with exact details of what is wrong & if possible any error codes you are given since most errors will just throw back codes. The more detailed your message, the easier it is for me to fix!
  3. Denied Your activity on the server has been monitored since your application and it isn't quite up to the standard we'd hope and expect from somebody applying for this role. Please feel free to apply in the future when applications reopen & your activity increases.
  4. v1.2b - 11/10/20 Added: Rank chat colour for Commissioner Rank chat colour for Deputy Commissioner Rank chat colour for Chief Superintendent Few more vehicles were added to garages Fixed: Some fines and points were wrong with the offences, those have been rectified as far as I can tell Few spelling errors, I shouldn't change offences late at night Update will be applied next restart.
  5. Which vehicle does this happen on, or is it all vehicles?
  6. Hi Donny, We've run open days before now which proved unsuccessful, people seem to much rather go on Discord or the forums and ask questions rather than coming up to someone in game. It is something we've looked into doing in the future though, just perhaps a little differently. Organised patrols will remain for as long as people are interested. Sometimes those holding developed roles (such as myself, @L.Sippitts, @JB) might change our playermodek and offer a different aspect to your playtime. We explore other options regularly to ensure we attempt to keep things unique.
  7. Hello Dean, PoliceMP prides itself as being something unique from the rest. We'd much rather have 10 regulars who know how to play properly than have 40 people who make staff members lives difficult and mean they can't spend their time playing. To properly enjoy PoliceMP, you need a certain degree of roleplaying ability. E.g, we run several divisions that incorporate roleplay, and the heads of those divisions are roleplaying as the roles they hold. In game, we rely on scripts to keep players entertained instead of using other players. This is because PoliceMP is based off its own framework instead of using something existing like FivePD, which in my opinion is overused and doesn't offer any uniqueness at all.
  8. Your suggestion isn't very specific at all, please try and make them a little more detailed in the future Did you want emotes in the chat or what? Or are you referring to the animations you can make your character do as some people call this "emotes"?
  9. @Donny FennFenn Are you able to remove the belt in the customisation options of the uniform?
  10. Using the Police Radio is an important part of playing on our server. Without it, how are you going to communicate with other units? This guide will hopefully help you in learning how to use our police radio in game. So, how do I do it? When you're in game, press Shift and F2 to open up the radio menu. You can select your channel and turn the radio on & off. 1Mhz is the standard frequency we use, other frequencies are used by other divisions and/or for operations. Once you've got the menu open, it'll list all of the options & how to use them. Have a careful read, but the control you want to pay attention to the most is "E" to enable the radio. Look! Your guy is holding the radio! Now he's ready to communicate with all the other units! Once you've sorted that, you might notice you're hearing people talking over the radio. That's normal! Those are fellow officers transmitting over the radio "globally". For you to be heard across all units on that frequency, hold down caps lock and talk through your microphone. It is best to do a radio check once you've turned your radio on, just ask "radio check" over the radio. If there's other units on the radio, someone will answer! From here, you can press Shift and F2 again to close the options menu & put your radio away. From there, you just need to hold down caps lock everytime you wish to transmit. Please try to be clear and concise with your instruction, as other units will need to get all of the information possible in order to attend and act accordingly. You'll be able to see who's transmitting at the top, middle of your screen! We hope this guide will help you. If you need any further assistance please contact a member of our Training Team. If you're new, why not consider applying for Police Constable? You can get access to more cars, a callsign & can from there apply for other units such as RPU, AFO and CID!
  11. Good morning, As a result of the resignation of Virkie, we have made some changes which we are now able to announce to you. Following a lot of discussion, we have decided that Silver Command and Bronze Command will be rebranded. Bronze Command will now be called Operational Services & Silver Command will now be called Support Services. The simple reasoning behind this is down to the simplicity of separating the divisions between day to day and background support services. Since Support Services will be mostly run under the People Services division, we have taken the decision to promote Jay to Head of Support Services. As a result, he will be given the rank of Chief Superintendent. We will also be recruiting a Chief Superintendent for the Operational Services department too, this person will be in charge of ensuring AFO, CID, RPU and Response. We are happy to announce NFG_Jamie will be taking this role & and a new Head of RPU will be recruited shortly. Divisions under Bronze Command will remain under the rebranded Operational Services. These are: AFO RPU CID Response Under Support Services will be: People Services Quality and Assurance Data Validation All other divisions will be under Gold Command unless otherwise specified. I would like to thank Virkie for his hard work and dedication and I am happy to announce he will remain in the community as an advisor & senior staff member. Virkie's input has always been hugely important & we hope to see it continue for a long while yet. Commissioner Gruffyd Daffyd
  12. v1.2 - 05/10/20 Added: New options on "offences" when dealing with suspects. Non roadworthy vehicle Red light offence Illegal number plate Obstructed number plate Shoplifting Over the prescribed limit of alcohol Over the prescribed limit of cannabis Under the influence of drugs Under the influence of drugs in a public place Breach of the peace Also added new answers for when you are questioning suspects. Fixed: Some titles were too long in offences list Some minor spelling errors in both offences list and when questioning suspsects. Amended: New handling lines for RPU and AFO vehicles making them a bit speedier. (thanks @L.Sippitts) I thought I'd work on a few extra options here for you all seeing as some things weren't covered at all by the existing options. Please make a suggestion here on the forum if you have any other ideas of what to add to options. Thanks @L.Sippitts for coming up with some of the ideas on what to add.
  13. v1.07 - 18/06/20 Added: Steam widget Anti spam filter for resignations to be slightly better than the default one Fixed: Fixed errors with the offline screen throwing back errors in parts Fixed some issues with theme throwing back errors but still some work to do Fixed issues with giphy integration Fixed issues with Steam integration Fixed some issues with the application forms plugin Removed: Removed the shoutbox seeing as no one uses it If you come across any issues with the forums, please send me a message here on the forums with exact details of what is wrong & if possible any error codes you are given since most errors will just throw back codes. The more detailed your message, the easier it is for me to fix!
  14. v1.1 - 03/10/20 Added: New siren system Dog unit properly added New NPAS advanced camera RPU cars have new improved handling New vehicles: x2 Vauxhall Astras (whitelisted garages) TSG van (whitelisted garages) Ford Mondeo (whitelisted garages) Highways England Range Rover (admin, soon to be RPU) BMW 530d unmarked (RPU) BMW Estate unmarked (AFO) Ford C Max (AFO) Mitsubishi Shogun (RPU) Ford Focus unmarked (Dog Section) Ford Mondeo (Dog Section) x2 Mercedes Vito (Dog Section) Volvo V90 supervisor car (Dog Section) Volkswagen Tiguan (Ambulance RRV) Paramedic Bike (Ambulance RRV) Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (Ambulance) Volkswagen Incident Response Van (Ambulance) BMW Officer Car (Fire) Mercedes Sprinter Technical Vehicle (Fire)
  15. Hi! Firstly I hope you will all appriciate the update @JBworked hard over the last 24 hours to create. We listened to your feedback and made the changes that we could make quickly, some other changes are likely to take a considerable amount of time. We are making some minor amendments to policies and recruiting a new member to run the People Services (HR division). Firstly, we would like to welcome @Jayto People Services. I have personally worked with Jay in another community before PoliceMP where he held a very similar role. Due to the need to get this role filled quite urgently, he will be taking the reign in managing that division. People Services will manage resignations, reinstatements, complaints, some feedback and will be the go-to division if you have any questions. Along with this, PS will be there if you just need someone to talk to, be it about the server or about something in life that is bothering you. We assure you the impartial advice and confidentiality could benefit you. We have also changed the division limit from 2 to 3, and excluded Heads of Divsions for primary divisions & those ranked inspector from this limit. You can view the policy in full by clicking here. We highly suggest you read this if ranked Constable to Sergeant since this applies to you. We have also made a major change with new players. New players, or "cadets", will now only have access to a limited number of vehicles. They can gain more vehicles by heading to the forum here and applying for Police Constable. Please remember, you do not need prior knowledge to apply. Our friendly and experienced college staff will walk you through everything you need to know, there is no real way of failing the application unless your English level is insufficient. Please reply here with any questions or ask me on Discord.
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