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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!
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  1. Testing conducted, means if you have tested it, and replication means what we have to do to see the error.
  2. Area of Suggestion: Unit Suggestion Suggestion Content: Not sure whether this should be in unit suggestion, or policing. I'll put it in Unit as it would be something that would be great for all units! So basically, there are a lot of people, some whom still is active as well, who stays for example Constable because they haven't been able to prove themselves to the higher ranked. Therefor I was thinking, that it could be great to add something in, where you can recommend yourself for a promotion and your unit head, will go through some tests, maybe some application with you etc. This would prove people and I believe it would be significally better for people who wanna prove themselves.
  3. Just wait, it's hilarious talking with him with his baby making noises in the background.
  4. +Support I've seen gimic do Administrative duties in another community, a few others actually. Known him for a few years now, and I know how he is. He'd be an amazing addition to this community as well as a Staff member.
  5. What platform did you experience the issue? Forums Date & Time 15/07/2020 Please describe the issue When trying to enter the "Submit a complaint" thing, with the template in. I get directed to the homepage. Not even on forums, but the websites homepage itself. Testing Conducted Try pressing on "Submit a complaint"
  6. What is your Discord name? Jack P#4678 How long have you been part of the community for? Around 2-3 weeks now. What do you feel you could offer to the team? I definitely feel I would be able to contribute something, I've learned a lot of stuff within FiveM lately, and also staff related, including a lot of staff experience from other games, which would help me build in being professional, being MOSTLY calm minded, and a funny person. I take Rules very seriously and hate breaking them, so it's something I strictly move away from to avoid it. In all I've had around 5-6 years of experience being a staff member on several servers(Not FiveM included though), I know how staffing works on FiveM as I've been playing around with a server I hosted myself, and played around with a lot of systems, so I will be able to bring both past staff knowledge and FiveM staff knowledge. I don't have a life, nor do I have work or school currently, so I can be on whenever I really want to if I'm not sleeping. This can be constantly and some days I of course need a break like anybody else, like I've had a little break but I'm back, to have fun and enjoy the server. I can MAYBE bring some more players aswell, but I would do that either way, I've already brought 2 people which is Fenn and Jack McTarvish aswell. PoliceMP requires staff to follow a strict list of guidelines for staff, do you feel you could do this? Absolutely, with no doubt. In detail, describe your personality to us. Tell us about yourself! I believe I would say I'm a nice, calm person which has his demons and difficulties. However I take Rules and Staffing very seriously, but I also understand when to be funny and have fun.
  7. What platform did you experience the issue? FiveM Server Date & Time 07/02/2000 Please describe the issue Every time I try to connect to the server, it gives me "Connection Failed". Testing Conducted I just tried to join the server couple some times. Replication Steps Try to join the server.
  8. Oh lol, yeah it was meant for policing aswell
  9. Took me a bit to find some clips and put them together, however the plan is to make the show even more realistic like an actual patrol and police show on the television! I just need more people with me, and need some more time to figure out the best clips, but I hope you guys enjoy this Episode 1 of Season 1! Go visit the server and community, it's amazing and on FiveM. Â Â
  10. Okay, so what I mean by that it is pulled over but we stopped pulling it over after he died, even when we kept pressing lshift it wouldn't let us cancel the traffic stop, but at the same time it didn't register it as a traffic stop either. You know what? I'll check through my videos, see if I got it recorded instead lol.
  11. The cars wasn't considered pulled over anymore, but that's another kind of bug I have even harder time to explain, as I haven't probably searched/played around with that to probably figure out what the issue is and how it's caused to get it fixed. About the sync thing with the body, would probably seem right yeah
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