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Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work! ×
Hey there! If your ranks aren't syncing with the server or Discord, ensure you've linked your Discord account to the forums. Also ensure you have Steam and Discord open when joining the server otherwise the rank sync is unlikely to work!


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  1. Evening everyone, I'm happy to announce that although we have gone through some tough times lately, we're still working hard behind the scenes to keep things running smooth. I'm happy to announce that we are now opening RPU and CID applications, we will be accepting applications over the next 2 or so weeks. To apply please visit Specialised Units to find the unit you are looking for. Please do be patient with us, whilst we are accepting applications we are also monitoring our staffing situation closely, we are happy to release applications however we ask you to give us a little time to work through them all. Small Hotfixes Big thanks to @rubysown for working over the last couple of days to finally fix the police computer bug that has been plaguing us all over the last couple of weeks; There is now a 'Logout' button on the computer home screen. We have also added graded call outs, this means we now have set response types to each different call. Our current graded system works like so: Grade 0: Immediate response Grade 1: Emergency response should be within 15 minutes of the call +20 MPH speed Grade 2: Priority response within one hour of the call Grade 3: Routine response within four hours We hope this helps to give information on what type of response should be used for each call.
  2. Have you attempted to join through our new IP? connect
  3. Shady farms, my god...
  4. That's our plan here, is to expand the community into extra games with the hopes that those who are interested within our community would play those games.
  5. Also changes radio in passenger / pilot seat
  6. Virkie

    Bug Report - Chad-D4

    Done. Locked & Moved.
  7. I'd love to help, if possible, don't have much experience modding GTA but can easily learn
  8. Hey, when attempting to submit your report did you click here: If so and it still does not work someone will look into it for you, if this is the case and the report is urgent, could you contact me?
  9. Pretty sure they are working on a lot of extra call outs for each role, bank heist was added recently i'm sure, with many more likely to be on the way in the future
  10. Your Discord name (i.e. John #5198) Virkie#9232 Age 21 How long have you been playing Police MP? 3 weeks roughly What rank do you currently hold? Senior Constable/College Staff Why do you want to join AFO? I wish to be be part of AFO as I enjoy working in stressful situations where a non clouded mind may be necessary, I wish to part take in some of the more difficult and challenging jobs that PoliceMP has to offer while maintaining a professional outlook on everything. I want to be able to back up officers who require the help from AFO officers. What can you bring to the unit? I feel I can bring a clear and professional mindset to the team allowing me to make decisions under duress where required. I can bring good team working ability as well as experience during certain situations along with professional and clear communications. I'll definitely bring activity and if accepted will be available as AFO regularly allowing officers to easily respond to scenes where AFO is required instead of ignoring the calls due to there being a limited amount of AFO at the moment. I understand that being accepted is not guaranteed 1
  11. Virkie

    Bug Report - Chad-D4

    @JBI often find they run after pursuits, when taking them out of the vehicle and ordering them onto the ground, you can arrest them then they just continuously run. Haven't experienced it in situations where there is not a pursuit.
  12. Here goes my honest opinion regarding the server, forums and the people in this community: Server: I've been around for roughly 2-3 weeks, (Ish, i can't exactly remember when I joined), I was rather fortunate the time I joined as I had learned that the previous month the server had little to no content and was still in a heavy building stage, despite this, the work and content that was on the server when I joined was great. I joined and thought the server was great, it's one of the only servers, (at least the ones I've browsed), that allows you to jump straight into the action, there's no whitelist, there's no seriously long application processes to go through just to play, you join, start at cadet, which is completely fair, but you have access to basic standard patrol vehicles, fitted with all the essentials you need for your patrol. Moving forward, if you enjoy your time as a cadet, which I did thoroughly, you can apply for PC which I did pretty much instantly, PC doesn't give much advantages other than a call sign and having an actual rank, I understand this is probably due to change in the future. Despite the early stages of development the server is in, I appreciate that there is actually a decent amount of variability when it comes to patrol, generally my patrol's when I've been on the server have rarely been similar. I can admit that some call outs do become simultaneous however this is to be expected due to the fact that more are still being added and tweaked, so I can't wait to see what will come. Even though the server is still in, what i would consider early development, I enjoy my time on it and love investing the hours I would usually do nothing, into the server and meeting new people. This is part of the reason as to why i became a Donator, because I know of some of the things that the staff would like to implement and are working towards, this will be a great project, I do hope it continues well into the future. Forums: When i first joined I had a browse of the old forums, I figured there was no point registering as it looked rather inactive, so I was happy to know a new forum was being worked on, from what I'm aware, they managed to cram what would be probably a couple of months worth of work into what turned out to be a couple of weeks. (This just shows the dedication of the people working behind it), which I greatly appreciate considering there is as far as I can see nothing to complain about in regards to the forum, other than the automatic rank system which I believe is being worked on. Community: Shall I start with the staff, I'm fully aware that I do tend to spend a lot of time talking to the staff, mainly Tom and Sippitts, I'd like to point out that they have made me, and I'm sure countless others feel super welcome. (This isn't to discredit other staff, i'll get to that), I'll try and write this in a way that means I'm not sniffing closely into anyone's back end, although I can assure you this is not what this post is intending. I've spoke to a number of other staff members and all have treated me with respect and kindness, followed by the casual banter you like to see anywhere. I often join communities where some members in power can make you feel intimidated and uncomfortable purely because you don't feel like you can approach them however I feel here is something different. (Just don't be a cunt, and you won't get treated like a cunt, it's pretty simple to be honest). I'll move onto the community itself, I've met a number of different characters, everyone has there own backstory and personalities which in my opinion make this a great place to be, the server itself is a role play server however it isn't exactly defined as hardcore role play, there's plenty of opportunity to be yourself and have a laugh and joke with the other members while maintaining what we all love to do, (which is why I assume we're all on the server, is to role play policing), we're all here to enjoy the same experience, which thus far has been, at least for me, a brilliant experience, yes there is bugs and yes there will be things people don't like, (speed limiter, kekw), however the fact the staff did listen and did work to improve the system so quickly after a number of complaints came in just proves, to me at least, that they will listen to us and try and work to the needs we want, obviously within reason. Overall, I don't have many complaints, if any at all, for the server, and what it is at the moment, its damn better than playing LSPDFR, (which might I mention is probably more buggy), on your own. Hopefully this post made sense and portrays nicely my thoughts on the server, forum and the community.
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