Sepura Radio

Radio First Use

When you first log onto the server you’ll need to set up the radio, to do this you’ll need to press both Left Shift + F2, you will be presented a radio showing a black screen on the bottom right of your screen.

When you have loaded up the radio, you’ll need to turn it on, to do this press and hold the Red ‘Hang Up’ button to the right of the arrow keys for a few seconds.

Once you’ve done this, the radio screen with light up and you’ll be automatically put onto the main channel 'INTEROPS MAIN'’

To minimise the radio, just press on the large volume knob next to the orange light at the top of the radio.

Radio Shortcuts

Below is a quick start guide to the radio and the keyboard shortcuts to change channel.

Keyboard ShortcutActions
Left Shift + F2Display Sepura Radio
Page UpChange Channels
Page DownChange Categories
Left ALTPush to Talk
InteropsMain Communications Channels
PursuitPursuit Communications Channels
FirearmsFirearms Communications Channels
IncidentIncident Communications Channels
Interops MainERT, CID, DSU
Interops - 1AFO, RTPC, NPAS
Interops - 2NHS, LFB, Highways
Interops - 3999 / 101 Call Resolution Center
Pursuit 1 - 4Pursuit Communication Channels
Firearms 1 - 4Firearms Communication Channels
Incident 1 - 8Incident Communication Channels

Introduction to the NEW Sepura Radio SystemCopy to clipboard

The Sepura Radio system is a radio that is used by the British Emergency Services and allows encrypted transmissions so that the general public cannot listen into radio transmissions from a general receiver.

Below is a comprehensive list of the channels available to us, and their operational usage.

Interops - MAIN

Interops Main is the general radio channel used on the server, unless you’re on an Organised Patrol or have been instructed by a Sergeant or above to move channel, you must always use this channel

This is where it all happens, urgent requests for back-up, communication when a panic button is pressed and general communications from Control to units.

*Note, to change channels you can use the keyboard shortcuts or use the radio buttons to select the folders in the radio.*

Interops Channels 1 - 3

Multiple channels are used when there are multiple Control Operators available or there is an Organised Patrol on the server. These channels will be allocated to a certain divisions within the server, you MUST use the channel assigned to you when it is being announced on text chat. Interops 3, is usually used as a 999/101 Call Resolution Centre.

Pursuit Channels 1 - 4

Pursuit channels are used after authorisation is granted for a pursuit to continue. Once all allocated units are attached to the pursuit, Control or the officer initiating the pursuit can request for this to be moved to another channel. This authorisation is granted from Control, if active, or from SGT+. If there are no SGT+ or Control active, you can move the pursuit to another channel at your discretion.

Firearms Channels 1 - 4

The firearms channels are used for communications in between armed officers responding to a scene. This allows armed officers to communicate independently to coordinate actions, tactics and staging areas without interference. If an OFC or a Sergeant is available, all communications are to go through them as they are most likely the Incident Commander.

Incident Channels 1 - 4

The Incident channels are integral to the smooth running of the server, these are only to be used when an incident is declared on the server. This could be a pursuit, call for help, officer down or panic button activation. To use any of these channels you need authorisation from a Sergeant or above, if any of the staff team are unavailable you are able to utilise these at your discretion.

P2P Direct Communications

With new Sepura Radio system, we are now able to directly talk to each other using a secure P2P connection with our radios. This enables us to bypass central communications, therefore keeping communications over the main radio channels clear of any unwanted traffic.

To utilise them, simply navigate with buttons on the radio. Select the Main Menu, then select Contacts and scroll through the desired names, and then click Call.

P2P Calling
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