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The Small Time StreamerThe Small Time Streamer

The Small Time Streamer

I started streaming right back in Lock Down 1 - Mainly because there wasn't much else to do.

I Started streaming GTAV Stunt Races. I went on to watch some videos specifically based around LSPDFR but with limited modding confidence took to FiveM, one or two servers later I found PoliceMP and have been here since!

I started streaming on Facebook and Twitch but Facebook seemed to work well for me. It's up and down, but I can't complain.

Streaming, having a family and working full time is a hard balance but I enjoy it having an odd break here or there. I love the stream and PoliceMP community and will continue to enjoy it. I always thought right back on my first few streams. "Who's gonna watch this." and so on, but I get loads of messages, helping people escape some reality, having a laugh. Gaming over the past couple of years has been a great mental release and a way to build a great fun and friendly community