Civilian Role Play

Being a Civilian in PoliceMP isn’t your normal experience.

Your main role will be to provide amazing roleplay opportunities for absolutely everyone on the server whether that is creating fires and being a trapped person for the London Fire Brigade to rescue or becoming a criminal mastermind for the police to track down and bring you to justice. Maybe you just want to be a witness, informant or even just a law-abiding citizen.

No matter what you want to do, you are there to create completely unique and immersive scenarios for everyone to deal with.

The server is at your imagination, the world is your oyster, and the future of the emergency services is at your fingertips.

Being a ‘Civ’, you have access to a wide array of unique commands and assets such as:

  • A full set of civilian vehicles
  • The ability to create your own custom character models
  • The choice of hundreds of premade pedestrian models from Base GTA allowing you to blend in with the crowd and strike when least expected.
  • Hide your nametag so you are undiscoverable to other players
  • Access to firearms to keep the armed police on their toes
  • A full array of melee weapons at your disposal
  • Access to a professional CAD system allowing you to create a past and present life for your characters.

Meet our team

Poptic - (CR2)
Deputy Head of CIV
Jack - (CR3)
Assistant Head of CIV
Dr_Samurai - (E8)
Head of Civ