National Highways

National Highways in PoliceMP adds a completely new and unique dynamic to the roleplay server.

Inspired by National Highways (formerly Highways England), your task as a Traffic Officer will be to keep all road users of the strategic road network safe - be it your everyday commuter or an emergency service worker at an incident on the network - no two shifts are the same!

Enjoy the freedom and tranquillity of patrolling the highways whilst on the lookout for anyone in need of your help. Ensure the roads are well gritted in the colder months. Manage live traffic at incidents whilst liaising with the Control room and the emergency services. Manage the recovery of vehicles from civilian break downs to RTC clean ups. Assist the Police with joint operations tackling commercial vehicle crimes.

The more creative you can be, the more successful your interactions can be.

National Highways membership also provides the following features:

  • Access to a fleet of unique 4K patrol vehicles.
  • Access to specialist equipment such as the gritter.
  • Use of a highly distinctive National Highways uniform.
  • Working amongst a very close-knit team of Traffic Officers and management.
  • Integration with central Control room monitoring all emergency services and National Highways through a shared CAD system.


AA is a UK leading recovery agency working across all areas. The AA works alongside all divisions in the recovery of broken down vehicles, RTCs and Forensic Recovery

The AA has its own compound base where it stores all recoveries, including RTC. All forensic recoveries are taken to the new CID compound for examination

Anyone can join AA through National Highways. As long as you have passed your probation and are keen to undergo training and self learning packages, then the AA is open for you!

Meet our team

R3AP3R - (NM-1)
Highways Team Manager