LFB Fire Rescue Unit

Not all incidents in London are fire related. In fact, the total incidents will no longer reflect fires as being the majority callout for most fire brigades in the country. The need for specialist units and specialist rescues has increased by a huge majority over the last 15 - 20 years.

So much so, that brigades around the country are having to come up with different ideas and ways of dealing with these incidents. General purpose dual ladder pumps are not always the answer.

As incidents can come in many shapes and forms, it would be impossible to carry all the equipment and specially trained personnel on an average everyday pump.

Therefore LFB introduced the Fire Rescue Unit (FRU), which are specially trained personnel with vehicles and equipment that can deal with the majority of incidents and situations. Whether it be major RTCs, to chemical leaks, to working at height related incidents, the FRU would respond with its specialised equipment and personnel.

Typical callouts FRU attend

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Water Rescues
  • Chemical Leaks
  • Industrial Accidents

Entry Requirements

To join FRU, you must be the rank of Firefighter and have completed a total of 40 hours hours deployed as LFB at the time of submitting a training request.

Becoming a member of FRU is a very responsible role in the community, therefore you'll require:

• To have completed your LFB probation

• To have completed a total of 40 hours hours deployed as LFB

• Have a desire to learn and progress.

• Must be able to innovate and adapt.

• Great communication skills.

• To remain professional at all times.

Training Progression

FRU entry training will training will teach you how deal with RTCs and this will follow a one week probation.

Upon passing probation, you can request the following FRU packages:

• Water rescue


• Mountain / cave rescue