London Fire Bridgade

London Fire Brigade is the national leader for fire services in the UK. Joining the London Fire Brigade isn't easy and rightly so, you will have to be the best of the best to assist in keeping Londoners safe.

The LFB deals with many types of incidents, whether it's a domestic or an industrial fire or Vehicle accident, no matter what the incident the London fire brigade will be there.

In Joining the London Fire brigade you will gain access to a large fleet of vehicles, uniforms and a realistic rank structure that rewards. You will be joining a close-knit team that is well trained and welcoming.

The LFB has the following sections under its jurisdiction;

  • TRU (Technical Rescue Unit)
  • WRU (Water Rescue Unit)
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Arson Investigation (including Dogs)
  • Airport Division
  • RNLI

Our experienced crews are ready to give their all to respond to any situation in a rapid and controlled manner. Along with experienced command and training members our crews are always available to help in any situation.

Meet our team

Stubbsy - (LF1)
Station Commander
Ryan - (C5)
Deputy Fire and Rescue Commisioner
Jaypex - (E4)
Borough Commander