Met Control

The Control Room was established to provide a professional dispatch and incident resolution service on behalf of PoliceMP. Sitting independently to the Police, LAS and LFB tree’s the Control Room works closely with each department and other agencies where required.

As a Control Room Operator, it is your primarily role to make decisions about how we respond to incidents, making accurate priority assessments and dispatching the most appropriate units based on risk and criticality. The Control Room Operator will not only co-ordinate the initial response but provide on-going management of incidents using a range of systems. As well as this, the Control Room Operator is there to provide authorisation to units where proportionate and in line with the authorisation framework.

The Control Room Operator is also expected to promote professional communications on the radio, always following the ABC model and following phraseology best practices whilst dealing with anyone who’s standard of communications falls below what is expected by PoliceMP.

What do we look for in an officer?

• Great Communication Skills
• Good Team Player
• Ability to multitask
• Able to remain calm under pressure

Force Incident Manager (FIM)

A Force Incident Manager (FIM) requires full operations of scenes and incidents that may occur on a day-to-day operational basis. FIM's make tactful and thought through decisions and authorisations to bring safe resolutions to detrimental calls. As a FIM Operator you will be responsible for the controllers working under you at the time and you will provide them with response plans as needed, ensuring resources are distributed to calls you determine pose the most risk to the public and colleagues.

When on as FIM (only one FIM active at once), your task will be to authorise situations for all units, replacing the conventional SGT/INSP requirement. Due to the responsibilities you will take on, you need to have advanced knowledge of situations and the required units. This includes Firearms incidents, warrants, RPTC pursuits and Major/Critical Incidents! You have extended authorisation capabilities and therefore this role holds a lot of trust and responsibility. This is only for elite and experienced Operators inside of the Control Room.

If you are interested in becoming a Force Incident Manager; apply to join the Control Room.

FIM eligibility:

  • A Force Incident Manager must be able to complete 10 hours monthly and must already have in excess of 50 hours before being able to apply for the role.
  • Due to it being a trusted position, you must have been an Operator inside of the Control Room for more than 2 months before applying.
  • A FIM must play a part actively inside of the department and contribute to the department’s success.
  • Must be willing to engage with other controllers to ensure player experience is maximised and work alongside the Operators to resolve issues and threats.

Meet our team

Clynx - (E5)
Control Room Supervisor
Zidan - (O2)
Control Room Team Leader
TechGeek - (O3)
Control Room Team Leader