Hazardous Area Response Team

What is HART?

HART Stands for Hazardous Area Response Team, HART is a team of specially trained paramedics trained and equipped to provide an ambulatory response to high risk environments and complex emergency situations.

The Hazardous Area Response team are capable of responding to incidents such as:

Hazardous Materials – Working inside the inner cordon where hazardous materials are present, transporting patients with high-risk infectious diseases, for example Ebola.

CBRN(e) – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives - Working within the inner cordon on incidents which may contain Chemicals for example: Chlorine Gas, Biological Incidents, Nuclear and explosives.

MTA – Marauding Terrorist Attack - Working within the Inner Cordon of a Marauding Terrorist Attack where there might be active shots, HART can retrieve and extract patients.

Safe Working at Height – Providing a specialist response to patients taken ill at height, either on man-made structures or within the natural environment.

Confined Spaces – Providing a specialist response to patients caught in enclosed spaces; following building collapses; where compromised atmospheres are present, where entrapment of patients is hampering the delivery of care.

Unstable Terrain & Water Operations - Providing a specialist response to patients where rural access or difficult terrain is providing a specific challenge to the rescue and extrication effort or to patients caught in water environments, for example swift water rescue, or where urban or rural flooding has occurred.

Meet our team

HarveyPMP - (HA1)
HART Team Leader