London Ambulance Service

The NHS encounters and deals with, but not limited to: RTC’s, Welfare checks, tending to GSW’s (Gun Shot Wounds), providing frontline Mental Health Care, and much more. The NHS sub-divides into four main sections:

  • London Ambulance Service
  • HART (Hazardous Response Team)
  • HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services)
  • St.John Ambulance

London Ambulance Service is the frontline emergency medical care that respond to 999 or 111 calls, these crews are well trained and knowledgeable and would do anything in their power to treat a patient. HART also known as the Hazardous Area Response Team, are a specialised team of paramedics who are specially trained in rope access, dealing with chemical emergencies, and specific extrication methods from hard to reach areas. HEMS also known as Helicopter Emergency Medical Services are the top of the range Advanced and Senior Paramedics and Emergency Medical Consultants who are only dispatched to the most critically ill patients where they would need to bring the A&E to the patient in an attempt to stabilise and treat them to the best of their abilities on scene and then transport them by Helicopter to the nearest trauma centre. St.Johns Ambulance are always there to support the NHS by providing First Aid coverage to major events and doing patient transportation to ensure the safety of the patient upon their arrival to their home.

Our highly trained team is always prepared to give their 100% on every mission they get dispatched to, they are always smart and swift with their response. We also have Advanced and Senior Paramedics always on standby to aid and give a more in-depth analysis and treatment of severely ill patients. These highly skilled Medics can either self-dispatch to incidents where they may deem their skills necessary to treat the patient, or they may be requested if the Paramedics require them.

The NHS, being a brand new Department to PoliceMP is most certainly a most welcomed change and advancement within the community. Our aim is to provide care to the highest of standards and nothing less, leading us to grow and learn efficiently and effectively. Having said this, our teams and units dedicate several hours to serving the public and the police in their dire time of need. Our sole drive is to be better at what we do every time we go out to a mission, be it big or small we would always find something to improve on, such as, treatment plans, response times, and communication. As all jobs this can be very stressful the way we differ from other establishments is that we always work together to get the best outcome.

Meet our team

Rossbuh666 - (C4)
Director of Ambulance Services
K.B - (E7)
Asst. Emergency Medical Director
Joshia - (N/C)
Clinical Operational Team Leader
Kior - (OM1)
NHS Operations Manager
Wodders - (OM2)
NHS Operations Manager
Stuman - (TL-01)
Clinical Operational Team Leader
Brocky - (TL-02)
Clinical Operational Team Leader
Miggsy - (TO-01)
Clinical Operational Team Leader
C. Sneesby
C. Sneesby - (TO-02)
Clinical Operational Team Leader