London Ambulance Service

What does the LAS do?

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) is responsible for delivering ambulance services and providing pre-hospital care throughout London under PoliceMP. The LAS promptly responds to a diverse range of emergencies, including medical crises, road traffic accidents, and incidents that sometimes require specialist training.

The LAS operates in close collaboration with other agencies, such as the police, and employs specialised teams equipped with advanced medical equipment, staffed by highly trained medical professionals. As part of the larger London Health Service, the LAS is one of three divisions, including HEMS and HART, that collectively deliver life-saving care in both urgent and critical situations, regardless of their complexity.

How to apply for LAS

Becoming an LAS Student Paramedic is incredibly straightforward. The application process involves a simple entry application that you can complete immediately, receiving an instant pass or fail response. To apply for LAS Student Paramedic role, you can click here.

As a Student Paramedic, this position offers you the chance to shape your future within the LAS. During your initial probation period of one week, you will have the opportunity to absorb valuable new information, participate in highly rewarding scenes, and take control of your own development within the NHS. There are no requirements to maintain LAS Paramedic, you are the one in control of how active you are within the LAS.

Progression Routes

Advanced Paramedic

The LAS has several progression routes, branching out into HEMS and HART specialist divisions. As a standard Paramedic, you have the ability to choose 2 of 3 progression routes.

The first route of progression is directly within the LAS, allowing you to become an Advanced Paramedic. Being an Advanced Paramedic is very rewarding and allows you to take on more advanced clinical practice, giving you access to a fleet of rapid response vehicles, unlocking new treatments and drugs and getting fancy red epaulettes to help identify you in the field.

To apply for Advanced Paramedic, you must have been in the LAS for 4 weeks (1 week probation + 3 weeks as Paramedic) and have completed the paramedic pain management and major incident planning development packages.

When Advanced Paramedic is open, you will find out in #open-applications via our discord server. You can click here to check and apply for Advanced Paramedic

Meet our team

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Asst. Emergency Medical Director
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Operations Manager
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Clinical Team Leader
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Clinical Team Leader
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Aiden W - (TL3)
Clinical Team Leader
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