Production Release #3452 - 17/09/2023
Build: 3452
Platform: PoliceMP Server
  • Improved Console identifier logger to only include identifiers present. [Avoids blanks] (Kian)
  • Prevented console spam on garage script (Alon)
  • Extend new notifications to other areas (Intrise)
  • Added ANPR System to detect and show pings for cloned/duplicate plates. (Kian)
  • Changed sound effects for successful ANPR Ping. (Kian)
  • Added sound effect for failed ANPR Ping. (Kian)
  • Updated Server Artifacts Version (forbs)
  • Updated game version to 2023 patch (forbs)
  • Multiple performance issues addressed and patched (Woody/JB)
  • Added new Ped Fines / Questions (forbs)
  • Fixed a couple of client console spam errors. (Kian)
  • Added a check if a helicopters engine is off it will always let you out (JB)
  • Removed cooldown on ANPR Pings for Control Operators, they will now no longer need to wait for their last ping to clear before doing another like Police. (Kian)
  • Re Added Mill Hill Garage (JoeEdgar)
  • Fixed RTPC Bikes causing crashes (JoeEdgar)
  • Added ability for Devs/Admins to spawn vehicles for other players remotely. (Kian)
  • Added ability for Devs/Admins to hide and show other players blips remotely. (Kian)
  • Improved Profanity filter Regex (Alon)
  • Logged players Identifiers to Live Console when connecting to server. (Kian)
  • Removed speed warning signs - broken and potentially causing crashes (JB & Woody)
  • Fixed an issue with grabbed peds remaining stuck to a player caused by a tick continuing after ungrab started (JB & Woody)
  • Added more debugging to try and find cause of RPCTimeouts (JB)
  • Fixed an issue with players unable to do CPR on dead and cuffed AI (JB & Woody)
  • Fixed an issue with AI coroner spawning and losing network control causing them to be bugged (JB & Woody)
  • Fixed an issue with AI ambulance spawning and losing network control causing them to be bugged (JB & Woody)
    Fixed an issue with AI fire spawning and losing network control causing them to be bugged (JB & Woody)
  • Fixed issue with players not being able to remove cones (JB & Woody)
    Made rat entities appear under the map and not showed as associated to cone but behavior's still reflects(JB & Woody)
  • Added new ANPR Ping script. Use command /pinganpr or use via the Vehicle "M" Menu. Enter the target Vehicle reg plate into the on screen keyboard (your last searched plate will show as default). It will then ping the last known location of the vehicle (a radius will display on the map, the vehicles location could have been anywhere inside that radius. The offset is random. Restricted to Control and Police (must be in a vehicle as police). No more need for text chat to be used for anpr (Kian/JB)
  • Fixed Handling files for all broken vehicles (JoeEdgar)
  • All Vehicles Removed have now been re added (Motorbikes/Cars) (JoeEdgar)
  • Sprinter22 (Box Ambo) Re Added back to Clinical Garage, Replacement has been removed. (JoeEdgar)
  • Removed Paintball MLO causing issues. (JoeEdgar)
  • Fixed issue with personal vehicle blips (Woody)
  • Fixed issue with garage exiting error (JB & Woody)
  • Fixed issue with garage exit points unnecessary code (JB & Woody)
  • Player now invincible in garage (JB)
  • Potentially fixed vehicles in the garage exit points that float under the map (JB)
  • Fixed issue with "bailing out" helicopters when on the ground (JB)
  • Preventing self yeeting from helicopters while in the air (JB)
  • Fixed all Civ Cars to not act like Police (can now all be searched (JoeEdgar)
  • Changed /kill command to Civ Trained - (JoeEdgar/Woody)
  • Fixed Matrix Board On DVSA Car (JoeEdgar)
  • Addpolcidfordy Handling Line Fixed (JoeEdgar)
  • Remove spikes from addpolskodaovrs and addpol330dumk (Intrise)
  • Add offence of driving a motorbike without a helmet (Intrise)
  • Add body bag prop to CID (Intrise)
  • Add Civ - Debris props (Intrise)
  • Updated profanity filter code (JB)
  • Updated the profanity filter filters (JB)
  • Added an enhanced reminder to profane word usage (JB)
  • Changed so FTS behaviour will stop when ped is tasered (JB)
  • Changed so tackling will remove target ped behaviours at the start prior to anims (JB)
  • Replaced existing blood bike model with 2022 version & overhauled blood box (forbs)
  • Added blood van (forbs)
  • Increased Control Callsigns from 4 Max to 20 (Kian)
  • Changed callsign prefix for PCSOs from "Unit ###" to "PCSO ###" (Kian)
  • Added perms for head Mod in game (forbs)
  • Added new bike models (x3) to Blood bike DLC (forbs)
  • Added new van model to blood DLC (forbs)
  • Synced Cordon Areas to Server, when a supervisor [Band2, Band3, Band4, Moderator] applies a 50m area cordon via F1 Menu, it will now display the red zone on map and display a notification to other players (Kian / Intrise)
  • Allowed Admin/Dev to enter planes (Kian)
  • Added 100m Cordon option to Cordon menu. (Kian / Intrise)
    Added 150m Cordon option to Cordon menu. (Kian / Intrise)
  • Made the cordon notifications only appear if you are within the cordon radius at the time it is placed. (Kian)
  • Added "Handgun" icon to centre of cordon zones to indicate unarmed officers to stay clear. (Kian)
    Fixed issue where saving outfits could save with wrong hair, saving and loading outfits now excludes hair so you can edit it separately. (Kian)
  • Added new Analyse Body script. Can be used by CID in the interaction menu on dead Peds/Players to find the most likely cause of death. You will do a few animations throughout the process to emulate an investigation of the body. (Kian)
  • Refactored the Spawn Vehicle command, cleaned it up and gave it a new home. [Due to this, any nicknames used to spawn vehicles previously won't work, you will need the proper spawnCode] (Kian)
  • Added new ERT Inspector Uniform (Prophet)
  • Added Chief Inspector Uniforms for every division (Prophet)
  • Fixed RTPC Inspector not being able to see Raptor Inspector uniforms (Prophet)
  • Tidied up names of uniforms (Prophet)
  • Added some missing permissions to limit certain uniforms to their ranks (Prophet)
  • Moved Passat GTE from ERT to ARO (Prophet)
  • Added new ARO car (Prophet)
  • Added Sig MCX rifle to AFO Boot [Now able to rack/unrack] (Kian)
  • Moved where permissions were checked on AnalyseBody Script, now the option won't appear unless you're playing as CID to save clutter on the ContextualActions for other players. (Kian)
  • Moved DSU Explosive Detection uniform from Sgt locker to standard locker (Kian)
  • Added new Twitter script for Civs, they can now use /tweet message to send out a tweet to all players text chat, without showing their name. [All tweets are logged in server log for moderation purposes, and the profanity filter checks all tweets.] 🐦 (Kian)
  • Added new Analyse Engine Temperature script. Can be used by CID in the interaction menu on Vehicles to find the temperature of the Vehicle's engine, from there you can work out how likely it was that the vehicle was recently driven to assist with investigations. You will do a few animations throughout the process to emulate checking the temperature after opening the bonnet. (Kian)
  • Fire16 Volvo Pump - added AI reaction to Lights/Sirens (JoeEdgar)
  • Added supply line to above vehicle. (JoeEdgar)
  • Added /removeoutfit index command so TacOps subscribers can remove individual outfits. To see the outfit indexes look in the displayoutfits menu. (Kian)
  • Added the outfitIndex into DisplayOutfits menu next to the outfit name. (Kian)
  • Fixed the distance/radius based notifications not showing when a Big red cordon was placed. (Kian)
  • Added CID suit to boot (Can only be used if spawned as CID (JoeEdgar)
  • Added Blip to enter/exit Nightclub at postal 628. (Kian)
  • Added /text999 command for Civs. This is to be used to broadcast 999 calls in text chat when control is NOT online. This will hide the player's name and display the call in red. [All calls and the caller are logged to the server log for moderation purposes]. (Kian)
  • Added /text101 command for Civs. This is to be used to broadcast 101 calls in text chat when control is NOT online. This will hide the player's name and display the call in blue. [All calls and the caller are logged to the server log for moderation purposes]. (Kian)
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't analyse the body of a PlayerPed. (Kian)
    Replaced Sonoran ID Card with UK Drivers Licence style card. (Kian)
    Fixed name on the Firearm Icon Blip for Cordons, now says "Incident Cordon". (Kian)
  • Adjusted profanity filter for better coverage and to prevent false negatives from being flagged (Alon/Kian)
  • Added new Forensic Evidence script for CID. They can now use a new option in the interaction menu to search for any Fingerprints, DNA, Firbes etc that could link back to a killer. If you find anything you will search PNC and databases for a match, if a match is found it will display the Civs current CAD Character's ID on screen which includes Name and DOB. There is a very slim chance that no evidence is found on a body. [Civs make sure to have the right CAD character selected otherwise you could end up with s murder charge for the wrong guy lol](Kian)
  • Remove "Backup failed" error on F2 Backup requests (Intrise)
    Change logic for all backup requests to consider the current division/branch (Intrise)
  • Add St Johns to LAS backup requests (Intrise)
  • Add new Notifications overlay (Intrise)
  • Replace backup, welcome message and playtime notifications with a new notification overlay (Intrise)
  • Added H&K MP5 to AFO Vehicle boot so it can be racked/unracked. (Kian)
  • Allowed CID to use /tweet command for undercover work. (Kian)
  • Remove duffle bag prop (Intrise)
  • Fix UI console spam (Alon)
  • Add more traffic calming measures (Intrise)
  • Add 3 extra exits to Burton (Civ) (Intrise)
  • Added /controlnotify command for Control, opens a menu to select different chat message options depending on which channels are in use etc. [Name of player is logged after each use]. (Kian)
    Add more civ props (Intrise)
  • Sorted issues with cars not responding to emergency lights (JB)
  • Updated perms on Croydon fire station not showing the garage (JB)
  • Changed Drone config due to controller conflict reported by Command (JoeEdgar)
  • Updated Average Speed, FireSupplyLine, WaterMonitor & PoliceShields (Intrise)
  • Fix issue with Control accessing Whitechapel (Intrise)
  • Added new CCTV Script, accessible by control in the centralised control room, you can cycle between 16 setup camera locations or select manually using the camera IDs displayed on the map when in CCTV mode. The camera pitch is locked, and a screen effect is displayed when viewing CCTV. You can use the radio, however, local chat is disabled. More locations are to be added in future updates, along with potential other branches having access to select cameras. This feature is likely to expand over time. (Kian)
  • Fixed found bugs and teething issues with CCTV (Kian)
  • Increased drone distance for better use on active calls and to get it used more on covet ops. (JoeEdgar)
  • Moved CTSFO Sprinter and Land Rover Discovery 4 from AFO Supervisor garage to AFO garage. Also renamed Volvo XC90 (Kian)
    Gave the title of the Civ "/changeplate" on screen keyboard a custom name. (Kian)
  • Added missing return which allowed anyone to change their vehicles reg plate oopsies. (Kian)
  • Added ability for TacOps Subscribers to rename saved outfits. Using /renameoutfit outfitIndex. The outfit index can be found next to its name in the display outfits menu. (Kian)
  • Added error message when no ANPR Hit was found on a vehicle searched. (Kian)
  • Prevented the Anti-hair clipping script from doing its thing if the player is bald originally. [This one is for you boyle x]. (Kian)
  • Added new Bag Body interaction for CID, makes your player do a few animations before deleting the target ped [any dead non player]. To use this, you must place a bodybag prop close to the ped. (Kian)
  • Added check to prevent bug where players having hair still after no longer being a TacOps Subscriber. (Kian)
  • Adjusted bodybag action to include cleaning blood and debris from the scene after the body is collected. Changed the required distance of the bodybag prop to 0.85f radius from the body. (Kian)