Content Creators

The Role of a Content Creator has covered a broad term for PoliceMP. From now on this will be used to reference Streamers and YouTube creators.

The role of a Content Creator will have TWO levels. One; Affiliated Content Creator. Two; Junior Content Creator.

The role of an Affiliated Content Creator will include Content Creators that have a high level of followers, subscribers and regular views on their Streams or Videos, they will be recognised as the Face of PoliceMP and will be offered a partnership with PoliceMP if we feel it appropriate.

The role of a Junior Content Creator will still require a good following however will be a slightly lower threshold to meet than Affiliated. Junior Content Creators will be only offered a partnership in special and unique circumstances.

Content Creators will have Requirements to provide regular content of PoliceMP on their respective platforms.


Affiliated Content Creator

Streamers will need to meet TEN (10) Hours a week of stream content on PoliceMP.

YouTube Creators will be required to provide at least 1 Video a week of PoliceMP.

Junior Content Creator

Streamers will need to meet FIVE (5) Hours a week of stream content on PoliceMP.

YouTube Creators will be required to provide at least 1 Video a week of PoliceMP.


The benefits of being a Content Creator are:

  • Access to the Content Creator Garage. (With more vehicles potentially being added.)
  • Unique insights into upcoming features that we ask you to create content around.
  • Custom scenarios that CIV / Command teams will help you create to provide you content while on our server.
  • A regular 1-1 if you would like to speak to the Media Team Head - Currently Winmace.

Affiliated Content Creators will also receive;

  • No activity Requirements for any Division. (You will need to meet your weekly requirement of content.)
  • The ability to join every division

(Benefits may expand as and when needed)


Thresholds to being a Content Creator:

Affiliated Content Creator

Streamer: Five Thousand Followers (5000 - 5K) Regular Viewers over One Thousand.(1000 - 1K)

YouTuber: Six Thousand Subscribers (6000 - 6K) Regular Views Over One Thousand Five Hundred. (1500 - 1.5K)

Junior Content Creator

Streamer: Thirty Five Followers (35) Over TEN Viewers (10)

YouTuber: One Hundred Subscribers (100) Over One Hundred and Fifty Views. (150)


A good behaviour is expected of everyone in PoliceMP, but as a Content Creator you are expected to set an example of the correct attitude and behaviour on PoliceMP. You should always act according to the rules on the Server, and should be cautious of what you say and do while playing PoliceMP.

We encourage a fun time on PoliceMP and understand that at times everyone can get carried away. In every instance this will be taken into consideration when a report of a Content Creator breaking rules or doing something that sets a bad example for PoliceMP is sent to us.

We will never tolerate, discrimination, harrasment, racisim, homophobia, bullying or anything illegal. In these instances we will kick and ban people from our Community Completely, and report them to the relevant authorities and services with any evidence.

In the event that you do not meet your requirement for the role of Content Creator then a discussion will be had with the Senior Management Team where the reason as to why you have not met the requirement will be considered and you may lose your position in the Content Creator Team.

This makes it very important that if you have any reason you will not be able to meet your commitments for any period that you let the Media Team Manager know.

Bought Views are not acceptable and anyone caught buying views or subscriptions will have their role removed.

On joining our Content Creator Team you accept our Terms of Conditions, and agree to follow our conditions as a Content Creator. You also agree to follow our rules and meet our expectations and requirements.

Affiliated Content Creators