Fire Incidents

Engines from Southfields attended a high rise domestic building fire at the Legion Square Area of London. The fire was believed to have been caused by an unattended chip pan. The owner of the property was rescued by firefighters after falling asleep due to a night of heavy drinking

3 pumps, 1 ALP and a crew of 7 firefighters attended the incident at Legion Square. 1 homeowner was rescued and being treated by paramedics

At 19:00 hours LFB were requested to assist our colleagues in RTPC by following behind a convoy of Hazardous Materials to Humane Labs. Whilst at Humane Labs, RTPC promptly requested that we inspected one of the trailers which had made contact with the wall as it was reversing in.

When LFB approached the vehicle, firefighters with breathing apparatus noticed severe damage to the side of one of the containers, with a possible leak.

At 19:36 LFB requested the support from the Rescue and Hazardous Materials specialists. Upon the arrival of the Whitechapel unit, LFB had set up a scene to ensure the safety of themselves and others along with evacuating the surrounding area due to the nature of what was being carried. A decontamination site was set up and firefighters from the specialist unit were sent in to confirm if there was a danger.

The firefighters commited in full kit confirmed that the area was safe for LFB to pack up and move away. They also assisted with the movement of the chemicals being transported into a secure location. There was no casualties. Site was deemed safe for public to enter at 19:54

A call was received at 20:14HRS to LFB regarding an active railway fire in Sandy Shores. Units were dispatched and when they arrived on scene it was clear the railway needed to be shutdown in order to give emergency workers a safe working area.

BTP attended and closed down the rail network. Firefighters under the use of BA were then able to deal with the fire in a timely manner.

Scene debrief stated no casualties and all fires were successfully extinguished. The rail network was reopened after 6 hours

LFB were called to a large RTC situated within a tunnel along the M25. Due to the nature of this call multiple units were dispatched along with a command unit.

Upon arriving on scene, the LFB Incident Command noticed a large amount of smoke billowing out of the tunnel. Multiple fires had engulfed the whole tunnel and numerous casualties had been spotted, therefore a major incident was declared.

2 pumps were dispatched to the north side along with 2 pumps at the south. Both teams tackled the fire and eventually access was given in order for the casualties to be extracted.

All fires were successfully extinguished. Debrief stated a total of 8 casualties were pulled from the fire but sadly only 2 survived.