Welcome to the CAD System Introduction. It is important that you follow the introduction carefully, and do not skip any steps. Failure to follow all steps will result in a failed setup and integration.

Creating an account

Step 1: Go to the Sonoran CAD website: If you have an account, please log in and follow the next step.

If you do not have an account, please register. (Make sure you write down your details. If you forget your login details, you will need to go through Sonoran Support to retrieve your account)

Step 2: Once you have logged in press “Join Community”, type PoliceMP in the field and then press “Join”

Step 3: Press on the PoliceMP logo. Successful entry will bring you into the community page.

Step 4: Press the account name situated in the top right corner then select settings.

Discord Integration

Step 5: Press the orange copy button labelled “Account Secret ID”

Step 6: Go to any text channel in the PoliceMP Discord and type /linkme and then paste the “Account Secret ID.” Press return on your keyboard. (This will link your Discord to our CAD system)

Step 7: In Discord, now type /sync (This will sync your Discord roles with our system to give you access to your roles within CAD.)

Upon successful completion of setting up CAD, you should be given the automated message of "Permissions synced with CAD successfully"

Game Integration

Step 8: Load into the PoliceMP FiveM Server. Once you have connected, pull up the text chat by clicking the keybind T, then typing in the command “/apiid”.

Step 9: Now, you will need to go back to your Sonoran CAD, and back into the Settings. Under the API ID section, click New and then in the box it has opened, paste in your API ID.

Step 10: Go to any channel on the Discord, any do “/myid”. Then, copy your Discord ID and go back to the CAD API ID section. Click on the button New and paste it into the box.

Step 11: Click on the Police Tab, you will be directed to the patrol interface.

Step 12: Find the Red Box, which will say ‘New Unit’.

Step 13: Set your callsign in Unit Number, and then fill other information accordingly, (Information will be different for each division).

Contributor(s): Crusade/Smallp13