Creating an account

Step 1. Go to the Sonoran CAD website: If you have an account log in if not create one. (Make sure you write down your details if you forget then it’s hard to retrieve your account back!)

Step 2. Once you have logged in press “Join Community” and type in PoliceMP then press “Join”

Step 3. Press on the PoliceMP logo

Step 4. Press the 3 lines in the top left then go to settings. After that press copy on the copy button for the “Account Secret ID”

Discord IntegrationCopy to clipboard

Step 5. Go to any text channel in the discord server and type /linkme then paste the “Account Secret ID.” Hit Enter. (This will link your discord to our CAD system.)

Step 6. Stay in the text channel and this time use /syncme (This will sync your roles with our system and give you access to Police CAD.)

Contributor(s): Liam.M (O1)