Call Signs

We understand that it may be confusing to understand all the different call signs so we’ve developed this guide to help you!

Remember to use the lowest callsign available to you, PCSO 1 upwards, police divisions 10 upwards etc, please refer to your divisional guidance for full details.

Please note, callsigns are not always reflective of real life.

Universal Call Signs

Call SignCommand
ASenior Management
BSection Leadership
CBand 4
EHigher Band 3
Operational Call signDeployment
Helimed 27/28Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
JR1+Joint Response Unit
NPAS 61/62/63/81/82National Police Air Service
Papa Tango 1Prison Bus Transport
S1Lead Special Escort Group Member
S2+Special Escort Group Member
Trojan 1, Trojan 2 +Crewed Armed Response Units

Police Call Signs

PC Call signsDivisions
CW[XX]ERT Officers
FM[XX]AFO Officers
OC[XX]RTPC Officers
SO[XX]CID Officers
X[XX]DSU Officers
Call SignPosition
C1Assistant Commissioner
E1, E2Chief Inspectors
DI1CID Inspector
DS2, DS3, DS4, DS5CID Sergeants
FI1AFO Inspector
FS2, FS3, FS4, FS5AFO Sergeants
OT1RTPC Inspector
OS2, OS3, OS4, OS5, OS6RTPC Sergeants
RI1, RI2ERT Inspectors
RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7ERT Sergeants
XI1DSU Inspector
XS2, XS3, XS4, XS5DSU Sergeants

LFB Call Signs

Call SignPosition
B3Chief Fire & Rescue Commissioner
C5Deputy Fire & Rescue Commissioner
JC1, JC2, JC3Station Commanders
JO1, JO2, JO3 Station Officers
JS1, JS2, JS3, JS4Sub Officers
LC1+Croydon Fire Station
LE1+East Ham Fire Station
LM1+Mill Hill Fire Station
LR1+ Romford Fire Station
LW1+ Whitechapel Fire Station

NHS Call Signs

Call SignDivision
NC[XX]London Ambulance Service
HO[XX]Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
HART-[XX]Hazaradous Area Response Team
NC100+Survive Medical DLC
Call SignPosition
B2NHS Chief Medical Officer
C3Director of Operations
C4Director of Ambulance Services
E7Asst. Emergency Medical Director
OM3HART Operations Manager
HA1, HA1HART Team Leader
OM2HEMS Operations Manager
HE1, HE2HEMS Team Leader
OM1Clinical Operations Manager
TL1, TL2, TL3, TL4, TL5, TL6Clinical Team Leaders

Auxiliary Call Signs

Call SignPosition
E6Aux Ops Manager
NS1, NS2, NS3Flight Captains
NS4, NS5, NS6National Highways Team Managers

Civilian Roleplay Call Signs

B5Director of CIV
C7 Head of CIV
CR1Deputy Head of CIV
CR2, CR3, CR4Assistant Heads of CIV

College Call Signs

B6Director of Training
C8Commander of Training
HT1, HT2Head Trainers (PoliceMP College)

Control Room Call Signs

E5Control Room Supervisor
O1, O2, O3Control Room Team Leaders
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