All Police Officers carry equipment that is used to help them in their role. Some Officers carry specialist equipment that is not available to regular PCs; such as AFO (Authorised Firearm Officers) who carry firearms for the most dangerous situations.

All Officers are taser trained.

Remember, this guide is for best case scenarios only. In reality there are situations that can not be accounted for.

In life or death situations, if an officer believes that they, or someone else is going to be killed if action is not taken, anything goes.

Do not be afraid to use your equipment in ways that are not listed below.

If you can defend your actions to your superior, moderators, and colleagues there would never be an issue.

PropsCopy to clipboard

Props such as traffic signs and cones can be used by any Police Officers from the F5 menu on foot. You will be trained on how to properly close a road using cones and signs when you apply for the role of PC.

Make sure you use all props responsibly. You must use the Delete Item option at the bottom of the prop menu when you are leaving the scene to ensure you have not left anything behind.

Extendable baton (ASP)Copy to clipboard

All Officers carry an ASP that has a wide variety of uses.

In general though the Baton should only be used when absolutely necessary. This is because an ASP is essentially just a long, heavy stick made from hardened steel.

It can break bones, cause internal bleeding and even kill.

A baton can be more effective than a taser when Officers are outnumbered by subjects. A taser can only effectively deal with a single subject at a time. A drawn and cocked baton combined with loud verbal commands may be more effective and intimidating to a crowd than a taser drawn.

A baton is also sometimes used on vehicles or property. If a dangerous subject has locked themselves in their car, a baton tip can break the window. This is useful because it means; the car in question will stand out more if officers have to search or pursue it, and if stopped and safe, an officer can reach in through a broken window to unlock the door.

In real life, Officers are told that baton strikes should be directed at the limbs (arms and legs) as this has the least potential for permanent harm.

Baton strikes elsewhere, especially thehead may be considered use of lethal force.

Taser (Requires PC+)Copy to clipboard

In reality, most officers are not trained to have a taser. However on the server every Officer of rank PC or above carries one. They are incredibly effective at short ranges. Usually after being tased a subject has no injuries. However officers should also consider the situation, a taser in rare cases can cause heart attacks and death. There is a risk of the offender causing head injury falling onto concrete. Officers should use extreme caution when using a taser on a subject near flammable materials, on roofs, ledges or at the top of stairs.

Officers in real life are trained to aim and fire directly at the center of the subject's chest as this gives the best chance of good contact being made.

Drawing a Taser counts as using force. As such tasers should NOT be drawn unless there is a clear danger to officers or civilians.

FlashlightCopy to clipboard

Hold Right Click to use the flashlight.

You should not be using the flashlight as a weapon at any time.

Fire ExtinguisherCopy to clipboard

Hold Right Click to use the fire extinguisher.

It does not extinguish in-game fires. Officers may use it for roleplaying purposes. You should not be spraying the fire extinguisher towards people, or using it as a weapon.

Radar/Speed GunCopy to clipboard

A speed gun must be taken from a vehicle's boot. It will appear in your weapon wheel as a vintage pistol, when holding it press Y to activate it. Then hold Right Click to point it at vehicles and C to get a speed reading at the bottom of your screen.

The speed gun is not a weapon however, pedestrians and civilians will see it as one and will start fleeing / become aggravated if you point it directly at them, do not abuse this.

First Aid KitsCopy to clipboard

All police cars carry a large amount of medical supplies in their boots. You can access them by pressing Y when you are next to the boot.

This will heal you to full health. You can also roleplay medical situations by grabbing medical supplies to use on another officer or civilian.

Body ArmorCopy to clipboard

All Police Officers wear stab proof vests, known as “stabbies”. You can access them by pressing Y when you are next to the boot.

This will give you 50% armor. If you're attacked you can roleplay switching out your old stabbie for a new one at the station or from your car.

The Enforcer / “The Big Red Key”Copy to clipboard

The Enforcer, or Big Red Key is a large battering ram used by police to break the locks off doors. The only use for this at the moment is in game roleplay situations where somebody is inside a house. You can access them by pressing Y when you are next to the boot.

There is no excuse and no reason for this to ever be used as a weapon or swung.

Contributor(s): Danny