/showcadDisplays the CAD screen
/anprTurns on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition. (in vehicle only)
/playtimeShows your playtime on the server in hours.
/freecamOpens a menu that allows for freecam for screenshots or cinematics.
/vol xxxChanges your radio volume (Range from 0 -100)
/panicSends a distress call to all available units

General Keybinds

F1Toolbox Menu
F2Backup Request Menu
F3Emote Menu
F5 (On Foot)Prop Spawn Menu (On Foot)
F5 (Driving)Cruise Control Speed Limit (Driving)
F6Lock Personal Vehicle Doors
SHIFT + F2Switch on and configure in game Radio
GRadio AI Assistance Menu
MVehicle Menu (In Vehicle)
XShow Dash Cam Feed (In Vehicle)
Y (When holding speed gun)Turn on speed gun
Y (When on foot behind vehicle)Access Vehicle Boot/Trunk
CGet speed reading (When pointing turned on speed gun at vehicle)
RMOUSE (near vehicle/civilian)Interact with object
LMOUSE + RMOUSE (when taser or weapon selected)Aim weapon

Interaction Keybinds

Aiming at civilian walkingR"Hey Stop!"
Aiming at civilian close byETalk
Aiming at civilian close byRCuff
Cuffed civilianRUncuff
Cuffed civilianFGrab
GrabbedFRelease from grab
Grabbed (Aiming at vehicle)FPlace in vehicle
Suspect in vehicleEAsk suspect to step out

Vehicle Interactions

In patrol vehicleQTurn on emergency lights
In patrol vehicle with emergency lights onETurn on/switch sirens
In patrol vehicle with sirens onRTurn off sirens
In patrol vehicleKTurn on rear red lights
In patrol vehicleLTurn on matrix board
In patrol vehicle-Left indicator
In patrol vehicle=Right indicator
In patrol vehicleF5Speed Limiter
In/near patrol vehicleF6Lock/unlock vehicle
In patrol vehicleLSHIFTSelect vehicle in front
In patrol vehicle (selected)QPull selected vehicle over
Aiming at stopped vehicleTabInteract with vehicle/driver
Aiming at stopped vehicleRNext passenger
Aiming at stopped vehicleETalk
Aiming at stopped vehicleFAsk driver to step out
Contributor(s): Crusade/Smallp13