Leave of Absence


LOA stands for Leave of Absence. If you take LOA from PoliceMP, it will mean that you are no longer eligible to be removed from a division/department due to your absence on the server. To take LOA all you have to do is fill out the LOA Form attached to the bottom of the policy, and inform the relevant head of that division or department. (for example; if you’re a Police Constable but are in no divisions or departments you will speak to the Inspector of ERT).

How long can you take LOA for?

You must advise the appropriate command (division/department heads) with a reason as to why you are going on LOA (for example: Personal Reasons). LOA is authorised for a 2 week period at a time, maximum of two occasions in a three month period (special rules app). LOA means a break from PoliceMP and will be policed strictly.

Who can I tell to be put on LOA?

You must inform all division/department heads that you are on LOA and you must inform them of updates weekly. This will make sure you are not subject to division requirements and you cannot lose your roles.

What happens if I don’t give bi-weekly updates?

If you don't give weekly updates, someone from Silver/Gold will be in touch to get an update. If you do not respond within 1 week, you will be eligible for role removal from your divisions/departments that you hold

What if I get removed for not updating anyone?

If you get removed, you can always apply to become a Police Constable again but you will be put through the training again as you were inactive and it may have changed. Even if you got removed and you came back the next day, you will have to go through the training again no matter what.

Where is the LOA form for me to fill out?

Below is the link to the LOA form for PC+. Anyone can use this form to acquire the LOA tag, but you must inform your division/department heads about your LOA. Failure to do so will result in your LOA being void and eligible for role removal

Leave of Absence should be submitted via the LOA form.