This document will outline the PoliceMP reinstatement policy, which will aim to try and set clear standards and rules within the server.

Having resigned / been on extended leave from the PoliceMP community in a mutually agreed method, persons may return to the server. Subject to approval from Band 3/4 and SM, a person may return to the community with some previously held roles if:

  • There are roles available
  • They are fully re trained

You will not return to the same rank held previously unless previously agreed in writing. The above resignation policy is also to be considered in this process.

If the individual publicly announces their departure from any roles, these roles will not be reinstated

Having left the server, you may return with previously held roles considered within -

PC, NHS, LFB and Band 1 Trainers - 7 days
Band 2 - 7 days
Band 3 - 10 days
Band 4 - Subject to SM review

If you have any questions or concerns about this feel to contact any Command member.

Policy last updated: 10/12/2023 by Crusade
Contributor(s): Boylewonder, Crusade