This document will outline the PoliceMP resignation policy, which will aim to try and set clear standards and rules within the server.

Resigning from the PoliceMP community is a straightforward process. In order to resign, simply follow the Chain of Command that you would normally take, speaking with your divisional Band 2. Alternatively, you can open a General Support Ticket.

There are two methods of resignation:

  1. Standing down from your role and leaving PoliceMP
  2. Standing down from your command role and remaining on PoliceMP.

Command may consider stepping down from current roles to a lower level role if it is a) suitable and b) there is a role available.

Some simple rules:

  • By resigning from the server completely, you must wait at least 30 days before re-applying.
  • By resigning from whatever role you held, PC / Sgt / Insp / Moderator / Chief Insp / Supt / ACC / DCC, you forfeit the responsibilities that come with that role.
  • By resigning, if you were to re join the server again in the future / or be promoted up the command chain, you must complete training again that is relevant for that role.
  • If you are leaving the server and are a current subscriber, you should cancel your subscription on Tebex.
  • If people attempt to use standing down to gain a benefit, this will not be tolerated.
  • If people are heard or state on more than one occasion that they wish to step down, they will be asked to discuss with a member of Command and may have their role removed.
  • By resigning, any documents created for PoliceMP are therefore forfeited to the community.

If you have any questions or concerns about this feel to contact any Command member or by opening a General Support Ticket

Leaving Without Notification

  • Your access to the PoliceMP Discord, Forums and the server may be removed.
  • You can re-apply 30 days from your leave date - and must start as PCSO and complete full training.
  • You leave the server / and or Discord and you don’t notify a command member.
Policy last updated: 10/12/2023 by Crusade
Contributor(s): Boylewonder, Crusade