This document will outline the PoliceMP resignation policy, which will aim to try and set clear standards and rules within the server.

Resigning from the PoliceMP community is a straightforward process. In order to resign, simply follow the Chain of Command you would normally take, so from Bronze level, notify Silver, and then they notify Gold.
There are two methods of resignation:

  1. Standing down from your role and leaving PoliceMP
  2. Standing down from your command role and remaining on PoliceMP.

Command may consider stepping down from current roles to a lower level role if it is a) suitable and b) there is a role available.

Some simple rules:

  • By resigning from the server completely, you must wait at least 30 days before re-applying.
  • By resigning from whatever role you held, PC / Sgt / Insp / Moderator / Chief Insp / Supt / ACC / DCC, you forfeit the responsibilities that come with that role.
  • By resigning, if you were to re join the server again in the future / or be promoted up the command chain, you must complete training again that is relevant for that role.
  • If you are leaving the server and are donating, you should cancel your subscription on Tebex.
  • If people attempt to use standing down to gain a benefit, this will not be tolerated.
  • If people are heard or state on more than one occasion that they wish to step down, they will be asked to discuss with a member of Command and may have their role removed.
  • If you resign due to an ongoing incident or PSD case, the case will still be heard.
    By resigning, any documents created for PoliceMP are therefore forfeited to the community.

If you have any questions or concerns about this feel to contact any Command member.

Leaving Without Notification

  • Your access to the PoliceMP Discord, Forums and the server may be removed.
  • You can re-apply 30 days from your leave date - and must start as PCSO and complete full training.
  • You leave the server / and or Discord and you don’t notify a command member.

If you have signed a NDA previously, and you leave the server or take a demotion, you are still agreeing to the signed NDA.

Contributor(s): Boylewonder