Roleplay Policy

This document will outline the PoliceMP roleplay policy, which will aim to try and set clear standards and rules of Roleplay within the Server.

We usually have RP events three or four times a week (sometimes even more) each with a variety of different situations.

What is Roleplay?

Within the PoliceMP Server, we try to incorporate some basic roleplay within our actions in the Server. This is to allow for you to try and grab enjoyment out of an event as well as allow others around you to enjoy the event thoroughly.

There are two elements to roleplay. Civilian RP and Officer RP.

When playing on PoliceMP as a Police Officer you must make sure you are roleplaying as a Police Officer only. The same goes when you are a NHS and Fire Officer. This will include a few set guidelines that we will be talking about further in the document like the way you drive; The way you speak to others, and the processes you may take within a Scene. Only trained persons can perform civilian role play, or roleplay out of an ongoing event. You shouldn't role play yourself just for fun unless authorized by an Inspector.

Chain of Command

  • Senior Management: Overarching command of Roleplay
  • Head of CIVRoleplay: Guides policy and leads the department.
  • Senior CIV: Create ideas for RP, and implement them with assistance from Head of CIVRP
  • Civ RP trained: Take part in CIVRP, help create a authentic and realistic atmosphere for everyone involved. Maintain professional standards.

Tier Levels

Civ RP consists of two tiers, each tier unlocks more advanced Civ RP scenarios. The purpose of the tier system is to introduce spontaneous Civ RP incidents that are minor of nature and are pre approved, so that Civ RP trained personnel can implement them without permission if they feel it is appropriate. If you have a scenario idea and are not sure if it is acceptable, post it on the spreadsheet or post in CIV RP.

Characters that will have ongoing roleplay should be saved in the F9 custom ped menu to ensure the character is played correctly, obviously, slight adaptations such as jackets, bags etc can be made.

Tier 1 civilian roleplay consists of pre approved scenarios that don't require heavy Police / Fire / Ambulance presence to implement. You should be aiming for not more than a few players on the scene to respond and deal with the situation.

  • Tier 1 RP may not steal vehicles and/or fail to stop.
  • Tier 1 RP may not deliberately kill other players and civilians although accidents and unintentional injuries and deaths can still occur without ruining the event, if played correctly.
  • Tier 1 RP can also play as unwilling witnesses, bystanders, hostages and victims.

Tier 2 civilian roleplay consists of approved scenarios that may require heavy Police / Fire / Ambulance presence to control, but in essence now can involve vehicles in pursuits. And weapons may be used. If you successfully escape Police on foot or in a vehicle, you may use a vehicle again or steal another vehicle if required. Firing at Police and other civilians is allowed, but within reason, we aren't talking about a Mumbai terrorist attack.

  • Tier 2 RP may use vehicles to steal, drive and fail to stop
  • Tier 2 RP may murder other characters if planned and accidents and unintentional injuries and deaths are acceptable as explained above.
  • Tier 2 RP can play as unwilling witnesses, bystanders, hostages and victims.
  • Tier 2 civilians may now use weapons. Assault rifles/long rifles. You must roleplay switching weapons and carrying them if they are larger or you are hauling a lot of ammunition. I.e you cannot switch from a Sniper rifle to a G36 in 1 second….
  • Tier 2 civilians may shoot at NPAS if they are too low and in the way. Consider if the helicopter is disabled and crashes; it will require more resources to handle. Dont get too close!


Detaining: All civs must be aware of gameplay limitations. As you are not AI, the interaction scripts such as handcuffing won’t work, and typing in text chat could take time, so civs should recognise verbal commands or /me commands in text.

If you are injured and require medical attention, Police are there to take you to a Police Station. Whether this is via a hospital or not. For hospital stays this should be sped up as clearly we don't have a live operating theatre. If you haven't been handcuffed, then more fool the Police as you can attempt escape.

You should provide a valid name when being booked in, or give your details when you are fingerprinted. Without ID being present, type a name in the chat. You may provide a false identity but you MUST give Police the real one if they fingerprint you or use any other method to identify you.

Value of Life

Throw away characters should be limited use, as great RP evolves and thrives from characters, so please try and value character unless killing them off.

As an example:

Surrounded by Police in no cover with your back against a wall - drawing a gun or firing at police would almost certainly result in you being shot and probably killed.

Escape Considerations

Being Searched - If you have been searched by the Police before your escape attempt you will no longer have access to your property, such as your phone or cigarettes. There would be no way for you to coordinate an escape with someone else in this situation, so should be avoided if talking in a discord. Be sure you are carrying or possessing a realistic amount of belongings on your person or vehicle.

Non lethal shotgun (bean bag) - If you are struck by a Bean Bag shotgun you will need to factor injury, or at least simulate having an impact.

Tackle - If ‘tackled’, consider that you are pinned and detained. If the Police then fail to handcuff you or hold you, then you can attempt to escape.

Handcuffed - if you haven't been handcuffed, or detained, you may attempt to escape. This includes if you are placed in a vehicle without cuffs.

Taser - If you are tasered it will take time to recover before trying to escape.

Injury - Depending on the severity of your injury, your ability to move or stay on your feet will be affected. RP your injuries realistically. If you jump over a 20 foot wall, you'll probably break a leg. If you're run over by a car, it's going to hurt one way or another - even if it dazzles you briefly.

Foot Pursuits - You can run a reasonable distance on foot to escape from Police. Swimming should be discouraged at this stage due to lack of Marine Units. Remember, running a full sprint and climbing over fences is going to take a lot of energy and at some point, you will need to catch your breath - so RP this properly and dont run from Paleto bay to the city as it wouldn't happen. Especially when blips are off, use this as an advantage, hide in a bush / container /whatever.

Tier 2 Roadblocks - You can attempt to go around any Interceptor roadblock during a pursuit providing it is realistic and achievable. (i.e they leave a huge gap) If you are going to ram a Police vehicle, it is going to hurt you and your vehicle so ensure that both the Police and you RP it correctly.

Vehicle rules

  • Speed enhancement via the F9 menu should NOT be permitted unless agreed and approved prior,
  • Speed of vehicles fleeing should be considered - dont steal a 150MPH car when Police do about 110mph.
  • Any vehicles that have options for external or internal armor may NOT be used for pursuits or priorities without approval from a member of RP who is not involved in the scene.
  • You are permitted to take a vehicle off-road within realistic limitations of the car you are driving. In addition, keep it realistic, you are not going to go 90 MPH on a dirt road, nor would you in an open field. Please note for the sake of fairness, driving in the underground sewer tunnels or on railroad tracks during a pursuit is considered off limits unless approved.
  • If you damage your vehicle and escape, you may f1 your vehicle to use another time unless you want to play with the damage (especially if it becomes an obvious thing that Police are looking for)
  • The use of mounted weapons shouldnt be used - unless prior agreement has been made and its appropriate - cant drive down Movie Star Way blasting every car, you will need to reload and will be limited on ammo!


  • Weapon specific rules:
  • You must roleplay switching weapons and storing them if you are carrying weapons on your person.
  • You must roleplay ammunition and multiple weapons - do you have a backpack to carry them? Is your clothing appropriate to store weapons or hide weapons - you can't wear pants and pull out a pistol.
  • Tasers are considered firearms in the UK.

Injury Roleplay

All players, civilian and Police, are expected to roleplay their injuries realistically. In the interest of fairness and game balance, the following rules apply:

  • Gunshots - if you are shot, you probably aren't able to get back up and continue fighting, you will need medical assistance. Roleplay your injury!
  • If no one helps you, Police do not find you, and other players who could have helped/detained you have all CLEARLY left the scene, you may get yourself back up and RP out your injury as realistically as possible. All we would say is if you've clearly broken an arm or been shot once in the arm as examples, you will then require treatment for this. Gunshot wounds at hospitals should prompt to police arriving.


D - Danger

Before even attempting to perform medical RP, you must ensure that the scene has been secured and that you are able to perform medical safely. This will ensure that no one else will be injured causing a much more severe situation.

This can be done via road closures or a Police presence in a perimeter. As well as a perimeter make sure that all weapons have been collected by CID or AFO. You basically want to make sure you are Safe.

R - response

Can they hear you, do they feel any pain if they can’t hear you, can they feel your touch?

Call for help!


CABC is a checklist that you should do every time you arrive on the scene or if you are beginning your Medical. CABC is in Order of priority.

C - Critical -

Is there anything critical? ie. Open Artery, Major Bleeding, Fire, Gas etc.

A - Airways -

Are their airways clear? Look down their throat is there vomit or swallowed tongue. Nothing visible tilt their head back to keep airways open. [Risks Spinal Injury - but if they aren’t breathing they will die]

If something is in Airways. Try to clear with fingers or by Heimlich.

If still blocked. Blow the blockage deeper to clear airways.

B - Breathing -

Are they breathing? Put your ear next to their mouth and look down their chest.

Can you feel their breath? Can you see their chest move EVENLY?

If UNEVEN they may have a punctured Lung. If no breath begin rescue breath and CPR.

C - Circulation -

Do they have a pulse? If not begin CPR - 30 compressions and 2 breaths at a time. Call EMS, Arrange for DeFib. (/e CPR)

CIU Scenes and Investigations

CIU investigations can be very fun and interesting but there are some rules and notes that should be observed.

Banned Role-play

The following items are banned Role-play in any context:

  • The act of Sexual Role-play is not authorised. You can still pretend/claim verbally an act occurred in the past, but you cannot actually perform the actions in-game.
  • Due to the fact we have no current ability to deal with explosives, this is not to occur.
  • The use of the “N” or other racist or derogatory words, Gender, homophobic, transgender etc is not allowed by anyone regardless of real-life color/race/sexual orientation.

Other Rules and Regulations

  1. Stay in character, roleplay things as if they would happen in real life. If you crash while on a scene you may reconnect and return to the scene.
  2. You may not under any circumstance use F10, Noclip, teleport to evade or escape. You may not spectate other people’s scenes while invisible to gain an unfair advantage.
  3. No RP characters should be under the age of 18.
  4. If you are told to stop, stop!
  5. Do not police the Police. If you think you were treated unfairly, make a post on the forums in the appropriate place.
  6. No bullying will be tolerated within the Police MP community.
  7. Be respectful out of RP. Within RP swearing and cursing is permitted to a certain extent - just don't be a dick.
  8. Respect everyone
  9. Be realistic

Some of the information in this document is from FiveM websites that are free to use.

Contributor(s): Boylewonder, WINMACE