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Biker Thief in High Octane Pursuit

Biker Thief in High Octane Pursuit
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Metropolitan Police
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Roads Transport Policing Command

A 999 call was received reporting a motorcycle In the area of Paleto Bay was seen by multiple members of the public describing the bike as mounting the pavements and stealing peoples phones by pulling up and snatching it out of there hands as they were walking down the road.

Met Controlled allocated RTPC's RAPTOR Team to start travelling on the M25 to the job up in Paleto Bay, at the time of 17:01 RAPTOR Team are ST6 in the area looking for the Motorcycle along with ANPR Pings for the VRN of - CG56 XLE.

At the time of 17:12 RAPTOR Team came in contact with the Motorcycle in the Paleto Bay area where Officers initiated a pursuit with the suspect lasting a 20 minute pursuit down from the North of London to the South of London where a colleague performed a tactical contact on the rear of the bike at a moderate speed to make the rider come to a safe stop where Officers apprehended the suspect at the time of 17:29 in the Vinewood area.