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Swift Response and Coordinated Effort Lead to Safe Resolution Despite Officer Injury

Swift Response and Coordinated Effort Lead to Safe Resolution Despite Officer Injury
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Metropolitan PoliceNational Health Service
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Authorised Firearm OfficersLondon Ambulance ServiceHelicopter Emergency Medical ServiceCriminal Investigations Department

In a high-stakes incident near Heathrow Airport, the MET Police has successfully neutralized armed suspects that were involved in a night club shooting, following a 999 call received by MET Control at approximately 20:50 earlier today.

Due to the nature of the location within the Airport vicinity, the Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO), Authorised Firearms Officers (AFO), and Specialist Firearms Officer (SRO) units were quickly dispatched to the said scene. The situation escalated very quickly when CTSFO officers intercepted a suspect who opened fire at them, resulting in the suspect being neutralized and unfortunately an officer injured in the line of duty.

Under the command of FS2, the CTSFO and AFO officers, together with SRO providing overwatch had breached the night club. Multiple suspects were neutralised inside the club, and at least two firearms were safely disposed of. Following a successful containment of the situation, AFO officers, under the command of FS4, extracted and handed over suspects to the London Ambulance Service (LAS) for treatment at their triaging stations.

Despite the challenges, including the injury of FI1 AFO Inspector, in the line of fire, the situation concluded with a positive outcome for the Metropolitan Police. All patients were successfully extracted and treated, and lead to the discovery of multiple drugs in the club.

Scene was then handed over to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for further investigation. The injured AFO Inspector was airlifted to the hospital and was reported to be recovering well after sustaining injuries during the scene. This incident evidently showcased Met Police's dedication and effectiveness in responding to critical situations, ensuring the safety of the public and the successful resolution of the situation.

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