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Double Tire Blowout Delays High-Security Prisoner Transport to HMP Belmarsh

Author: Keiron
Credit: Keiron
Services deployed
Metropolitan Police
Divisions deployed
Authorised Firearm OfficersRoads Transport Policing CommandEmergency Response TeamCriminal Investigations Department

The transportation of a Cat A classified prisoner to Her Majesty's Prison, Belmarsh, encountered unexpected delays as the prison bus experienced two tire blowouts en route.

During what was meant to be a routine escort of a high-security inmate by Authorised Firearms Officers (AFO), the Special Escort Group (SEG), and with support from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for booking, and the Emergency Response Team (ERT) driving the bus, the convoy was forced to halt twice due to burst tires. After the first blowout, a temporary patch was applied, but the journey was further delayed when the repair failed.

The prisoner, identified as a leader of an Organized Crime Group (OCG), had been arrested earlier in the day during an armed raid where shots were fired between Authorised Firearms Officers (AFO). The transfer to HMP Belmarsh was part of the subsequent legal proceedings.

Despite the setbacks, authorities ensured the safety and security of the prisoner and accompanying personnel. The cause of the tire blowouts is under investigation, with initial assessments suggesting factors like road conditions and vehicle maintenance.