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Friday Night Patrol: High Alert as UK Prime Minister Tours London.

Author: (E8) Smallp13
Credit: (CR2) Keiron
Services deployed
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In a shocking turn of events, what was meant to be a routine convoy journey for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak turned into a chaotic night and security breaches, highlighting grave concerns over the safety protocols surrounding high-profile governmental figures. The meticulously planned route from Downing Street to a local hotel was marred by a series of orchestrated incidents that left authorities scrambling and the public reeling.

Downing Street to Grove Street
The convoy was set to depart from Downing Street at 20:00, adhering to a pre-planned route devised by the Special Escort Group (SEG). However, the evening took an unexpected turn as the convoy made its way towards Grove Street, encountering no interceptions however the Prime Minister were faced with multiple disgruntled residents.

Grove Street
Upon arrival at Grove Street, chaos ensued as armed forces officers (AFO) attempted to secure the area. Residents of Grove Street, bombarded the Prime Minister with a barrage of complex questions. When unable to satisfy their inquiries, the situation escalated, with irate residents nearly resorting to violence. Undercover officers (UCO) were deployed to interact with the agitated crowd, facilitating the PM's swift extraction from the area.

M25 towards Sandy Shores
As the convoy proceeded along the M25 towards Sandy Shores, disaster struck with a major road traffic collision (RTC). This incident quickly escalated into a hazardous situation, with a large chemical fire and a HGV overturned blocking the convoy which forces it to reroute.

Sandy Shores to Humane Labs
Subsequently, the convoy redirected its course towards Humane Labs, only to be met with a violent protestors upon arrival. Protestors turned hostile, unleashing Molotov cocktails and disrupting the peace. Territorial Support Group (TSG) units were despatched to restore order, while some protestors covertly engaged in drug dealings with undercover operatives (UCO).

Local Hotel near the Beach
In a twist, the convoy made a stop at a local hotel for a private event, only to be ambushed by assailants in two unidentified vehicles. Gunfire erupted, targeting the Prime Minister, prompting yet another frantic emergency evacuation. Despite the assailants' attempt to block all escape routes, authorities managed to navigate the chaos and ensure the safety of the convoy.

Authorities are now faced with the daunting task of reassessing and fortifying security measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.