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London Horror: Cable Cars Unhinge, Plummet onto Moving Trains Unleashing Chaos

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In the evening of February 2, 2024, North London was thrust into chaos as cable cars unhinged, plunged and collided with moving trains, causing a major disaster derailing a moving freight train. The Control Room was flooded with distress calls just before 19:50, reporting the unimaginable scene of two cable cars dropping from height onto a train in motion. Initial reports suggest approximately 8 casualties.

With swift and decisive action, emergency services, including the London Fire Brigade (LFB) and London Ambulance Services (LAS), were quickly dispatched to the incident. Upon arrival, LFB and the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) quickly commenced recovery efforts among the wreckage.

The incident took a quick turn when it was discovered that the train's cargo consisted of hazardous chemicals, triggering a HAZMAT emergency. The incident escalated, leading to the declaration of a Major Incident by scene commanders. More assets were requested, including a drone unit, were swiftly dispatched to provide more information of the evolving situation from height.

LAS scene commander has confirmed that the toll has risen, with three lives tragically lost. Additionally, six individuals now find themselves in critical condition, who were swiftly air lifted to a major trauma center..

Statement from (E5) Noose-Ryan , Control Room Supervisor.

"Shortly before 19:50 on 02/02/2024, The Control Room received a 999 call regarding a 2 Cable Cars dropping from height and then colliding with a train causing it to derail. It was reported that there were around 8 casualties. The Control Room immediately dispatched London Fire Brigade appliances and several Ambulance from the London Heath Service towards the incident which was shortly discovered after arrival on scene.

Once on scene, LFB and HART began the recovery efforts. At this stage, Emergency Services discovered the trains cargo to contain chemicals which triggered a HAZMAT incident, Ops 1 declared Major Incident was declared shortly after and more units were dispatched to assist including Drone Support"

Reported by (E5) Noose-Ryan