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Major Fire breaks out at police station

Major Fire breaks out at police station
Services deployed
Fire BrigadeNational Health Service
Divisions deployed
London Fire BrigadeHazardous Area Response TeamLondon Ambulance Service

A large electrical fire broke out at mission row police department on sinner street at around 1500 hours on 20/11/2023. This fire was a result of a faulty printer that was incorrectly installed and not serviced.

The new fire alarm system, recently serviced at MRPD, automatically detected the fire break out and alerted officers inside the station to evacuate. An evacuation was ordered of the building and emergency services were dispatched from the London Ambulance Service, Hazaradous Area Response Team and the London Fire Brigade.

The fire was later extinguished however a firefighter suffered major burn wounds and was later treated by responding ambulance crews.