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Major Incident: Boat Crash Causes Mayhem

Services deployed
Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceAuxiliary Ops
Divisions deployed
London Fire BrigadeLFB Fire Rescue UnitLondon Ambulance ServiceHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical ServiceFlight Operations

Responding to a distress call at postal 811, the emergency services were dispatched immediately following a boat crash on the beach. HART, LFB, LAS, and HEMS teams were among those deployed to the scene at 20:00, where they encountered two boat crashes that are in very challenging conditions.

Taking charge as NHS Scene command, Elliott and CaptNeat declared a Major Incident and quickly set up a triage area to manage casualties effectively. LFB and FRU teams simultaneously initiated defensive firefighting tactics to tackle the flames and extract individuals to the Casualty Collection Point.

Water Teams were established by JO-1 after realising there were casualties in the water, the extraction of casualties from the water for initial treatment by HART personnel were a huge success. With diligence and precision, all casualties were attended to and subsequently transported to major trauma centres via London Air Ambulance (HEMS).

This collaboration between emergency services HART and FRU were the highlights of this operation showcasing effective cooperation in handling emergencies.

Statement From JO-1 BiscuitBoy

At 19:55 a call came through from control about a boat crash on the beach at 811, both fire and ambulance units were dispatched including JO-1 , HA2, TL1 , LW3, LW10, LE3 ,LW23 , LW50 ,LW21 and 8 box ambulances.

Upon arrival both LFB and NHS scene commands made an assessment of the scene and made a plan LFB commanders got a rural firefighting vehicle on the beach front to supply water for defensive fire fighting tactics while an FRU team rescued casualties from the water with HART personnel.

NHS scene command made a triage area for casualties just off the beach for easy and fast handover of patients from LFB LFB used there drone to spot any casualties around the area, the drone pilot spotted out 8 casualties including those in water and reported back to he scene commanders, All casualties were accounted for by both commanders and as of 20:57 the scene was declared safe by LFB commands putting out a stop message by 21:00 with the last casualties being lifted to Mt Zona hospital by both Helimed 27 and 28.

Statement From (HA2) Elliot

At around 20:00 HART, LFB, LAS and HEMS Teams where called to 811 for a large boat crash. Shortly after myself and TL1 Neat was assigned as LHS Scene command and Declared a Major Incident. When we arrived to scene the large amount of smoke was highly visible and obstructing the Motorways, National Highways coordinated with one and other to close the M25 S/B lanes which where effected. Myself and (TL1) Neat set up a Tirage Area and assigned CCPs and Paramedics accordingly. LFB and FRU teams started a defence attack to extinguish fires and extract casualties to the CCP (Casualty Collection Point). (JO-1) BiscuitBoy established Water Teams and tethered HART members to FRU and started extracting casualties from the water For HART to start Initial Treatment. Eventually all Casualties where seen to and where transported to Major Trauma centres via our London Air Ambulance.

Reported by (JO-1) BiscuitBoy & (HA2) Elliot