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Major Incident: Chaos Unfolds as Vehicles Crash into Gas Tank and Lamp Posts

Services deployed
Metropolitan PoliceFire BrigadeNational Health Service
Divisions deployed
Roads Transport Policing CommandEmergency Response TeamLondon Fire BrigadeLondon Ambulance ServiceHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical Service

What began as a casual car meet swiftly turned into a scene of chaos when officers from the Road and Transport Policing Command (RTPC) found themselves in the center of the mayhem when confronted drivers refuses to comply to a dispersal order in the area.

Reports indicate that the suspects, initially unresponsive to authorities' attempts at communication, recklessly drove around the car park at high speeds. The situation took a turn as the suspects attempted to flee, resulting in a series of catastrophic collisions.

Multiple vehicles collided with a large gas tank, on the verge of igniting a massive fire. Simultaneously, three other vehicles lost control and collided with lamp posts. RTPC units swiftly sprang into action, sealing off the area and initiating the call for additional support and resources.

The arrival of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) proved instrumental in containing the scene, facilitating the prompt response of vital emergency services, including the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

In the aftermath of the chaotic car meet, two individuals tragically lost their lives, while four others sustained severe injuries and was air lifted to a major trauma center. Authorities are actively investigating the incident, committed to uncovering the truth and ensuring accountability.

Statement from OS10 FunnyHat92

"RTPC were first on scene and were met with a very large scale car meet. They closed off the car park and attempted to make contact. The suspects in question were failing to respond and continuing to drive in circles in the car park at high rates of speed. This caused the suspects to attempt to flee and end up crashing within the car park, multiple vehicles into a large gas tank and 3 other vehicles into 2 different lamp posts. RTPC were then met with a large scale fire with multiple injured casualties. I commend the RTPC units on scene for closing off the scene and calling for relevant assistance and units. ERT arrived and helped us close off the scene, which really helped the RTPC units who were originally on scene to assist with ensuring that LAS and LFB can attend quickly. My final thanks go to DS4 Ludoz who then assisted in the final investigation."

Reported by FunnyHat92