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Major Incident: London Fire Brigade Responds to Massive Ship Fire

Services deployed
Fire BrigadeNational Health Service
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London Fire BrigadeLFB Fire Rescue UnitLondon Ambulance ServiceHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical Service

London Fire Brigade (LFB) leaped into action earlier today in response to an urgent report of a cargo ship fire in the port.

Upon arrival, a cargo ship was seen to be engulfed in flames with very poor visibility of thick hazardous smoke. With precision and determination, two teams of Breathing Apparatus (BA) specialists, dubbed Alpha and Bravo, under the command of seasoned sector leaders, moved in bravely onto the ship's decks to combat the raging fire.

Subsequently, a defensive approach was deployed as water monitors were placed in an effort contain the fire from the exterior. The coordination of multiple LFB assets, from drones providing crucial aerial support, and the relentless resolve of the firefighters in their battle against these flames. The LFB worked hand in hand with Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), ensuring swift medical aid to those in need amidst the chaos.

Subsequent investigations revealed that a fault in the ship's engine room ignited the initial spark, which quickly escalated into a large fire which caught the crew off guard. With a deployment comprising of 15 courageous firefighters, supported by 8 LFB pumps and 3 vital support vehicles.

Statement from (JS-1) Peanut
LFB were called to reports of a major fire in a port (postal 17). On arrival a fully engulfed cargo ship was discovered docked alongside the port. 2x BA teams, Alpha & Bravo were set up led by 2 sector commanders who committed BA teams onto the ship while simultaneously, defensive tactics were used through the use of water monitors. Multiple LFB assets were used such as drone, Ladders along with working closely with LAS HART. Following investigation a fault in the engine room started the fire which spread rapidly catching the crew off guard leading to the whole ship becoming engulfed. In Total 15 Firefighters, 8 LFB pumps and 3 Support vehicles were deployed to tackled the blaze. 8 Casualties were handed over to LAS.

Reported by (JS-1) Peanut