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Major Incident: Police Armory Robbery Escalates into Deadly Confrontation in Rural London

Services deployed
Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary OpsNational Health Service
Divisions deployed
Authorised Firearm OfficersDog Support UnitFlight OperationsLondon Ambulance ServiceHelicopter Emergency Medical Service

Earlier today, a London-wide manhunt ended up with a confrontation at an agricultural property on the outskirts of the city. What began as the daring robbery of a police armoury escalated into a deadly exchange between armed officers and suspects.

At approximately 11:00 PM on March 12, 2024, Armed Response Vehicles were pursuing a black vehicle that had forcibly breached the police armoury and made off with a cache of weapons. Tracked via the ANPR network, the vehicle led authorities to the farm at postal 2025

With swift coordination, Authorised Firearms Officers (AFO) arrived at the scene within minutes and surrounded the area. Supported by additional AFO units, Firearm Support Dog handlers, and a NPAS helicopter, officers on scene made the decisive move to raid the property.

Within 9 minutes, a confrontation unfolded, leaving a total of 8 casualties. Tragically, 4 individuals, including officers, succumbed to injuries described as incompatible with life. The intensity of the situation prompted the London Ambulance Service to declare a Major Incident, dispatching a fleet of ambulances, rapid response vehicles, and air support.

Upon arrival, medical personnel swiftly triaged the injured, with the most critical cases receiving immediate attention from the HEMS team. The NHS Director of Operations assumed incident command, overseeing the complex situation.

Investigations into the incident remain ongoing, with AFOs maintaining a vigilant presence at the scene throughout the night.

Statement from (C3) KiltedScot
At approx. 11:20pm on the 12/03/2024 London Ambulance Service received a Request from Authorised Firearms Officers for Assistance after an incident with Multiple Officers & Suspects Down. London Ambulance Service Declared a Major Incident and Dispatched 3x Box Ambulances, 2x Rapid Response Vehicles, 1 HEMS Ground Unit, 1 HEMS Double Crewed Helicopter. A Strategic Commander was also Dispatched to the scene for Scene Command. Upon Arrival Patients were Triaged as per their injuries, With the most Critical being Treated by the HEMS Team. There was a Total of 8 casualties Treated by the NHS, Unfortunately 4 of those were declared deceased with injuries incompatible with life, Our thoughts go out to their Families.

Statement from (E2) Xi Jinpooh
At around 1100 on 12/03/24 Armed Response Vehicles arrived to an agricultural property following a London wide manhunt for a black vehicle that had forcefully gained access to the police armoury and stolen a selection of service weapons. The vehicle was tracked via our ANPR network to a farm at 2025. AFOs arrived 4 minutes after the ping reached the firearms commander and units quickly surrounded the building. Supported by other AFO officers, Firearm Support Dog handlers and an NPAS helicopter the move was made to raid the property. 9 minutes, 4 suspects and 3 downed officers passed and resulted in the building being declared clear by firearms command E2. NHS support was called upon, paramedics and a HEMS helicopter were dispatched and the NHS Director of Operations attached to assume incident command. Investigations are ongoing and AFO remained on scene guard throughout the night.

Reported by (C3) KiltedScot