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Major Incident: Private Jet Crash at Grapeseed Airfield

Major Incident: Private Jet Crash at Grapeseed Airfield
Services deployed
Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police
Divisions deployed
London Fire BrigadeLFB Fire Rescue UnitHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical ServiceLondon Ambulance ServiceEmergency Response TeamCriminal Investigations Department

In an incident on the January 4th, 2024, at 20:06, a distress 999 call was received with reports of a plane crashing at the Grapeseed Airfield on postal 2023. The Fire Rescue Unit (FRU), London Fire Brigade (LFB), Harzardous Area Response Team (HART), London Ambulance Service (LAS), and Emergency Response Team (ERT) were quickly dispatched to the incident.

Upon arrival, FRU units discovered that a private jet was engulfed in flames with five passengers trapped. An incident commander immediately declared METHANE and directed units to set up water monitors and don their breathing apparatus. Incident commander also quickly positioned all LFB units surrounding the aircraft to contain the fire and prevent its spread.

The LAS was updated on the current situation and immediately set up triaging areas to provide immediate medical assistance to casualties. The FRU and HART worked diligently and successfully extracted five casualties from the wreckage. All casualties were treated for burn injuries with one severe injury being air lifted to the major trauma centre. Unfortunately one casualty succumb to his injuries as all resuscitation efforts has failed.

At about 20:23, LFB has confirmed that the fire was fully extinguished. Whilst LFB officers remain to investigate the cause of fire, Criminal Investigation Division (CID) officers were also on scene writing up death reports and taking statements of the incident.

Amidst the chaos, the well coordinated response and efforts by the emergency services has minimised casualties, and showcased the effectiveness of their collaboration.

Reported By (JO-1) Biscuitboy