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Major Police Operation Unveils Organized Crime Network at London Docks

Author: (B2) KiltedScot
Credit: WillRunci
Services deployed
Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary OpsFire BrigadeNational Health Service
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Criminal Investigations DepartmentAuthorised Firearm OfficersFlight OperationsLondon Fire BrigadeHazardous Area Response TeamLondon Ambulance ServiceHelicopter Emergency Medical Service

In a move against organised crime, London's Metropolitan Police executed "Operation Titanic," based on intelligence from a confidential informant. On March 14th, officers raided a shipping vessel at the London docks, engaging in gunfire with armed suspects who then set the ship on fire. Despite the disadvantages, AFO manage to secure the vessel, seizing firearms, drugs, and cash. Tragically, one suspect died, and others were injured which prompted medical response to aid casualties.

Statement from (DS5) Nate
MIT Officers received intel from a CHIS informant about illegal operations that would be going down at the docks in relating to an ongoing case within MIT. Following this intel officers swiftly made appropriate plans across the Police division to acquire resources to intervene with the operations and bring it to a halt. On the 14th March at approximately 20:25 AFO Officers along with DSU, NPAS breached the area and engaged in shots fried with suspects. The suspects had set alight to the ship causing multiple casualties. LFB and LAS Resources attended the scene brining it under control. Forensics and CID then took suspects into custody and did a search amongst the boat to uncover large amounts of cash and illegal substances. At this moment in time investigations are still ongoing in relation to the case.

Statement from (FS2) Gart
On Thursday Evening 14/03/2024 Operation Titanic was concluded the involved a huge response from multiple Police and Auxiliary divisions, a major firearms raid was conducted on a shipping vessel located in the docks area south of the city, this operation was run in conjunction with our colleagues in the Criminal Investigative Division (CID) and support from multiple Dauphin helicopters from Flight Operation Command. The operation had been planned based on intel passed from CID Command, our job as AFO Command was to task our officers to secure the shipping vessel of all armed & unarmed combatants to allow CID Forensics teams to search and a large quantity of forensic material to include a huge haul of firearms, Drugs (Class A, B & C) along with a large sum of Cash. AFO Command enacted a large scale Tactical Plan to create a multipronged strike on the vessel due to the nature of the raid location our highly trained Counter Terror Specialist Firearms Officers deployed onto the ship from Dauphin helicopters whilst our Specialist Rifle Officer deployed to provide overwatch in Hide sites directly overlooking the ship they along with a number of Authorised Firearms Officers created a containment around the ship so that no suspects could escape and evade. During the raid we encountered many obstacles such as heavy fire onboard the vessel along with multiple suspects laying down semi and full automatic gunfire however we were able to overcome those obstacles and cleared the ship detaining and arresting several individuals, a major incident was declared due to a number of large blazes onboard the vessel along with number of burns and gun shot related injuries to both suspects and officers although many which where treated on scene and not highly critical, one suspect unfortunately succumbed to their injuries and were declared as life deceased on scene. CID Forensics are still undergoing a huge effort to recover any and all forensic material onboard the vessel but it is prevalent that we have been successful in dismantling a major organised crime gang along with stopping the supply of a large shipment of Firearms and Deadly Drugs that would directly impact the people of London.
We have begun the notification process to the family of the deceased, although an unfortunate event that peoples live were lost during the course of this operation, a post incident investigation is underway to ascertain the cause.

Statement from (B2) KiltedScot
On Thursday 14/03/2024 London Ambulance Service Recieved a Request for Assistance for Multiple Officers Down alongside Suspects. London Ambulance Control Centre sent 4x Box Ambulances, Alongside 3x HEMS Ground Teams, 2x HART Teams to the scene to assist with Medical Treatment. Due to the scale of the Incident a London Ambulance Service Strategic Commander was also sent to the Scene. Upon Arrival to the scene our crews alongside the HEMS & HART Teams worked Tirelessly to assist with medical treatment of all types of injuries ranging from falls from height to GSW's and Stab wounds, We then transported all injured to Royal London Major Trauma Centre by Road, Out of the 8 Patients that were reported, 7 Patients were Treated on Scene and Transported to Hospital, Sadly 1 Patient was declared deceased at the Scene, Our thoughts go out to their Family".

Reported by (B2) KiltedScot
Images by WillRunci