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Major Road Traffic Collision Near The Military Base

Services deployed
Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police
Divisions deployed
London Fire BrigadeLFB Fire Rescue UnitLondon Ambulance ServiceHazardous Area Response TeamEmergency Response Team

At approximately 9pm on March 1st, 2024, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) and London Ambulance Service (LAS) received a distress call reporting of a major road traffic collision in the tunnel near the military base.

In response, the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) were quickly dispatched alongside the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) to the scene. Simultaneously, the London Fire Brigade also jumped in on the action and deployed three fire pumps, one Breathing Apparatus Support Unit (BASU), and a Command Centre to the incident.

Upon arrival on scene, firefighters were met with rapid fires that were fuelled by chemicals. Utilizing foams as the primary extinguishing agent, the LFB worked tirelessly to contain the fire. Collaborating closely with the LFB, the HART team worked closely with the FRU to extract casualties from the scene.

Once rescued, the injured individuals were immediately transferred to awaiting medical teams from the LAS and HEMS stationed at the triage zone. A total of six casualties were identified and extracted from the accident site.

Paramedics and medical professionals on scene administered vital treatments on-site to stabilize the injured before transporting them to the nearest Major Trauma Centre. There were no reports of any fatalities.

Statement by C3 KiltedScot

At Approximately 2100 on the 01/03/2024 The London Fire Brigade & London Ambulance Service Control Rooms recieved a Call about a Major Road Traffic Collision in Tunnel nearby the Local Military Base. London Ambulance Service Dispatched the Hazardous Area Response Team, London Ambulance Service & the Helicopter Medical Service to the scene, A Team Leader & Tactical Commander were also dispatched to control the area. London Fire Brigade Sent 3x Pumps, 1x BASU & 1 Command Centre to the Scene, Alongside 2x Station Officer's were sent to Lead units. The Joint Control Unit was also sent to monitor the scene for Additional Units. Upon Arrival London Fire Brigade were faced with an Ever growing fire, Which was found to contain Chemicals, Foam Was used to extinguish the flames, Casualties were recovered by the Hazardous Area Response Team working alongside London Fire Brigade wearing breathing apparatus. These patients were handed over to the London Ambulance Service & HEMS Teams standing by on the Triage Zone, There was 6 Casulaties extracted from the Accident, All were transported to the Local Major Trauma Centre after extensive treatment on scene to stablise them.

Reported by C3 KiltedScot