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Mass Casualty and Critical Incident Declared at Royal London Hospital After Fire

Author: CptNeat
Credit: Joshia
Services deployed
National Health ServiceFire Brigade
Divisions deployed
London Ambulance ServiceLondon Fire BrigadeHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical Service

An evening that put a huge strain on the London Ambulance Service. At 20:41 a METHANE (Major Incident) was declared with reports of a fire that has spread throughout the hospital with casualties and staff inside.

As units was heading to this Major incident with reports of 10+ casualties a Mass Casualty Incident was declared by TL1, followed up by a Critical Incident by E7 due to the increase of calls for the London Ambulance Service which would be put on a delay for the time being.

With the severity of the incident - HART (Hazardous Area Response Teams), HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) was called upon as the injuries present became traumatic and needed life saving care.

Teams worked together to provide the best care they could. Trying to save and preserve life at all opportunities. With LAS Management [TL1 & E7] along with other Incident commanders worked together to establish safety and strategic strategies for the scene.

Over time, casualties were treated and crews worked through the evening - as the incident began to close and the final stitch was put into place as a collective it was a rewarding feeling that all knew they tried their best even though some were deceased due to injuries presented.