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Massive Fire Engulfs M11 After 3-Vehicle Pile-Up, London Emergency Services Swiftly Extinguish Blaze

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Services deployed
Auxiliary OpsNational Health ServiceFire Brigade
Divisions deployed
National HighwaysHazardous Area Response TeamLondon Ambulance ServiceLondon Fire Brigade

As the clock struck 20:00, National Highways was jolted by a frantic 999 call reporting a harrowing scene unfolding on the M11 at Postal 10. A three-vehicle pile-up, including a fuel tanker, had plunged the highway into chaos.

Arriving at the site, the air was thick with the acrid stench of burning fuel and the crackle of flames. Swiftly, standard road closures were implemented, but it was clear this was beyond routine. The London Fire Brigade, accompanied by the London Ambulance Service and the Hazardous Area Response Team, descended upon the scene with urgency. Together, they battled the inferno raging from vehicle to vehicle, a menacing dance of fire and smoke. It was a grueling 15 to 20 minutes of relentless effort before the flames were finally subdued, a testament to the rapid response and unwavering determination of the London Fire Brigade.