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Multi-Vehicle Collision Engulfed in Flames.

Multi-Vehicle Collision Engulfed in Flames.
Services deployed
Fire BrigadeNational Health Service
Divisions deployed
London Fire BrigadeLFB Fire Rescue UnitLondon Ambulance ServiceHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical Service

On New Year's Day, despite being off duty, the emergency services from the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and London Fire Brigade (LFB) rushed to a scene of a massive multi-vehicle collision. A bus and two other vehicles were engulfed in flames and was setting off multiple explosions.

The incident occurred at postal 360 near the Vespucci area, along the tunnels. Due to its location and risks it poses to the public, a large-scale, multi-agency response was dispatched. Firefighters from two appliances, a support unit, and a Fire Rescue Unit (FRU) all faced a challenging scenario.

A bus and two other vehicles were ablaze, and the presence of fuel along the road intensified the flames, making the firefighting efforts less effective. The FRU worked diligently to create access to the trapped casualties, while HART provided medical assistance and assisted in the extraction process ensuring casualties has the best possible chance of survival.

Despite efforts from the emergency responders, three casualties who were extracted has sustained severe injuries and was being treated at the triaging area. One casualty who was stable, was transported to the nearest trauma centre by land. Tragically, two others who were in critical condition, has succumbed to their injuries. They were pronounced deceased on scene.

Reported by (TL6) Aiden W