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Power Station Protest and Blaze Exposes Criminal Network

Power Station Protest and Blaze Exposes Criminal Network
Services deployed
Metropolitan PoliceFire BrigadeNational Health Service
Divisions deployed
Emergency Response TeamLondon Fire BrigadeLondon Ambulance ServiceHelicopter Emergency Medical ServiceCriminal Investigations DepartmentDog Support Unit

On the December 30th at 21:15, the emergency services were dispatched to a distress call with reports of a large group of individuals protesting and setting fires to a Power Station. Territorial Support Group (TSG), Dog Support Unit (DSU), Emergency Response Team (ERT), London Ambulance Service (LAS), and London Fire Brigade (LFB), were all dispatched and responded quickly to the scene.

Upon arrival, the TSG quickly assumed control and identified eight armed individuals wielding baseball bats. In order de-escalate the situation, TSG swiftly employed crowd dispersal tactics, however was thwarted by several armed individuals. TSG had no alternative but to use force as all appeals and de-escalation tactics were unsuccessful. Although two suspects managed to escape into the flames, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) quickly moved in and successfully rescued the individuals amidst the escalating chaos

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) has the area secured, making sure the incident is contained. After which the London Ambulance Service (LAS) was requested due to numerous injuries from both officers and suspects, which prompted scene command to declare a METHANE (Mass Casualty Incident). Sadly, one male has succumbed to his injuries, while all other patients received medical attention before being transported to the hospital.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was called upon to conduct a forensic investigation in the area of interest, leading to the discovery of evidence linking the group to a series of thefts and burglaries that occurred throughout the night. This incident has lead the investigation to unveil the extent of the group's criminal activities.

Statement from TSG Serial Commander- RS5 Garymca

“Tonight’s disorder at the power plant shows how the criminals of London will go to try and not be arrested by burning anything that may get them caught and assaulting officers. But they have learnt to the Territorial Support Group will not let they just run away. I would Think to thank all the Police units from other divisions for assisting to night us tonight. I would also like to thank LAS and LFB for their hard work as well.

Reported by (RS5) Garymca