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Rapid Response Saves Lives in Bar Fire

Rapid Response Saves Lives in Bar Fire
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Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police
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London Fire BrigadeLondon Ambulance ServiceEmergency Response Team

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) responded to a 999 call earlier tonight about reports of a large fire at a local bar. The incident occurred at about 11:30 PM, where firefighters demonstrated their exceptional bravery to rescue individuals trapped inside the blazing fire.

Leading the team, Station Officer Dreamzzz, together with 3 other fire fighters were first to arrive on scene. Station Officer Dreamzzz took incident command after conducting a thorough assessment of the building. All fire fighters on scene quickly donned their breathing apparatus and were strategically set up to attack the raging fire.

Simultaneously, upon the London Ambulance Service (LAS) arrival. (OM1) Lexi took incident command for LAS setting up triaging stations in order to receive casualties who are in dire need of medical attention.

With the large fire engulfing every furniture around the local bar, witnesses said all LFB fire fighters were relentless as they battled the flame and extracting casualties out of the burning building. A total of three casualties were found unconscious and was handed over LAS for treatment.

The joint efforts, team work, and professionalism of all emergency services on scene proved effective and the community is ever grateful for sacrifice and dedication.

Statement from JO-2 Dreamzzz, Station Officer

"At 11:30PM 24/01/2024 at Postal 531 LFB Responded to a 999 call regarding somebody trapped inside of a bar which had set alight, LW1 arrived on scene with Sub officer TitanUK, and Station officer Dreamzzz, upon initial arrival to scene myself (Dreamzzz) took Incident command after completing a 360 check of the building to take note of fires, entrances, potential hazards or dangers and any signs of how many casualtys could be inside, upon completion of this I established BA Teams between the 5 firefighters on scene and came up with a plan of attack, LAS arrived on scene and (OM1) Lexi took incident command for LAS getting triage setup and ready for any casualties, firefighters worked tirelessly to tackle the monstrous blaze and upon managing to tackle the blaze located 3 casualties who were safely extracted and handed over to LAS who skillfully performed their magic and did their absolute best for all involved, overall the scene was a massive success and all parties involved did an amazing job!"

Reported by JO-2 Dreamzzz