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Swift Action By The Authorised Firearms Officer May Have Saved Many Lives In Todays Incident

Author: Thomas
Credit: Thomas
Services deployed
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health ServiceAuxiliary Ops
Divisions deployed
Authorised Firearm OfficersLondon Ambulance ServiceHazardous Area Response TeamHelicopter Emergency Medical ServiceFlight OperationsEmergency Response TeamRoads Transport Policing Command

Today around 21:00 hours, a 999 call was placed. Stating that threats to life has been made on a video game. Swift actions where made by the Authorized Firearms Officers [AFO], Firearms Support Dog [FSD] and The National Air Policing Service [NPAS] in a attempt to stop this attack from happening.

Around 21:30 hours, it was announced by the MET-IC on scene that suspects had been neutralised and there was no more threats in the area. Around that time there was swift responses from the London Ambulance Services [LAS] also along side the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service [HEMS] and The Hazardous Area Response Team [HART] to attempt and resuscitate the suspects that where down.

During this time, the Emergency Response Team [ERT] and the Roads and Transport Policing Command [RTPC] also made a appearance lesioning with The Authorised Firearms Officers [AFO]. Around this time the control room made an appearance with the Force Incident Manger [FIM]

At 22:00 hours, It was announced that one of the suspects had passed away from his injuries and the thoughts are with the mans family.