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Swift Response: SORT Teams Assist To Neutralize Unexploded Incendiary Device, Ensuring Safety Without Incident

Author: Elliott
Credit: ConnorPMP
Services deployed
National Health ServiceMetropolitan PoliceFire Brigade
Divisions deployed
Hazardous Area Response TeamAuthorised Firearm OfficersDog Support UnitHazardous Area Response TeamLondon Fire Brigade

A call to action ignited the readiness of our esteemed SORT Teams stationed at Cody Road Annexe. With lightning speed, they answered the summons to confront an ominous specter: an unexploded incendiary device. Within a mere three minutes, the teams were fully equipped and charging towards the scene with an I-Graded response, seen to confront danger head-on.

Upon their arrival, the scene was alive with urgency, as SORT seamlessly integrated into the operation alongside the presence of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) and the Fire Rescue Unit (FRU). In a display of precision and coordination, the Authorised Firearms Officers (AFO) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units swiftly encircled the area, establishing a secure perimeter 150 feet from the looming threat.

With nerves of steel and a commitment to safety, the EOD teams engaged in a meticulous collaboration with FI2 Tonra, strategising for the swift and decisive disposal of the volatile grenades. Their efforts culminated in the deployment of specialised rovers, which executed their mission flawlessly, neutralising the imminent danger and safeguarding the surrounding community.

As the tension eased and the danger subsided, the London Fire Brigade received the green light to enter the warm zone, embarking on the crucial task of clearing the streets affected by the blast. In a stroke of fortune, amidst the chaos and peril, not a single soul was harmed during the operation, allowing the SORT Teams to gracefully stand down, their valorous mission accomplished.