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Traffic Stop Turned Armed Manhunt

Traffic Stop Turned Armed Manhunt
Services deployed
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health Service
Divisions deployed
Authorised Firearm OfficersLondon Ambulance ServiceRoads Transport Policing Command

A stolen vehicle was stopped by traffic officers for reckless driving at around 22:30 on the 14th of October, when questioned and asked to provide an ID, the suspect, later found to have been an escaped prisoner, drew an unregistered pistol from his waistband and shot in the direction of the officers. Armed Response Vehicles were immediately dispatched to the scene and following a short manhunt the suspect was located, once again attacking unarmed officers with his weapon. AFOs caught up to the suspect and neutralised the threat, putting an end to his antics. The suspect is being treated at Mt Zonah trauma centre.

Statement from Scene Commander (E2 Xi Jinpooh) "At around 23:00 this evening we were sent to a job for a male that had drawn and fired a weapon towards a group of traffic officers, we arrived at 23:02, and following a short manhunt, caught up to the suspect, who was hiding under a railway bridge. A short gunfight ensued, during which one officer sustained a gunshot wound to his left arm, another officer was winded and had minor bruising to his chest following a shot to his plate carrier. After around 30-40 seconds of gunfire, the suspect dropped to the floor, and ARV assets apprehended the suspect and began first aid. An ambulance was dispatched and he was admitted to Mt Zonah Trauma, where an armed guard will stay until he is discharged to face a court."