Police Incidents

CID units from Vespucci were called to a Major Incident around the Mirror Park area following a shooting between 2 gang members. There were multiple deaths upon arrival. CID officers on scene took statements and gathered all the evidence needed.

2x forensics sprinters, 3x CSI crews, MET PIM and armed officers were called to the scene and arrived to deal with the situation. Police crews were joined alongside Ambulance crews and HEMS Doctors

Investigations are still ongoing

Armed Response Vehicles were dispatched to an active firearms trade near Grapeseed Airfield. The caller reported that two masked figures were hiding underneath a bridge and one had retrieved an automatic rifle from his boot.

Trojans got authority for firearm deployment and responded to the weapons deal. On arrival, it was discovered that the two males got into a car and drove off. They were tracked down with the use of ANPR, and a pre-emptive reinforced hardstop was conducted on the vehicle.

Authorised Firearm Officers successfully arrested the two suspects in question and both have been brought into the station for further questioning.